Kibra contest: Left or right

Left or right?

Left is good

The loser will continue embarrassing himself

Hao ni wanawake wako na bwana zao or they will get married at some point in life naeza taka izo images zi pop up then

Still remains Mariga can’t talk for himself anaachia Khalwale, Korir, na wengine… Kwani yeye ni tothi aina gani

I don’t know how many times you have to be schooled in this. RAO thrives in chaos. The more Kenyans strive to punish and embarrass him the more he prospers. It is his trade. Look at what happened after he “embarrassed” himself in 2017.
For Kenyans, methinks it is time to look beyond punishing Raila or the dynasties and electing good leaders. The more we approach elections as one would approach a busaa den with akili-kwa-matako stance the fucked up our lives will be.

left always

Nyaa Kisumu,all the way