Kibicho and his boss Matiang'i humiliated


Hizi briefs from corridors of power huwa mharo tupu Abacha.

si tuliona video Joe Mucheru akirushwa nje? Oburu akirushwa nje? Izi vitu huezi ficha

yeah…kibicho is drunk na power…fool is arrogant AF…and lately petty…uliskia wakipimana makei na waiguru over kemri’s shakeh?

If Uncle Ruto is ideed so powerful and invincible then why did lowly detectives search his office yesterday? You are saying that Kibicho and Matiang’i were put in their place and shamed by the army bosses, but just yesterday the very same DP was searched like a common mwizi wa simu.

You sure are reading alot of gutter press or wallow alot in chang’aa dens for you to come up with such propaganda!

The DCI clearly stated that they made an official request to have a look at the CCTV camera footage at the ODP. If that is ‘searching kama mwizi wa simu’ to you then you are beyond help!

He has nothing to hide. Io ni public building sio nyumba ya Ruto

But si you are implying that the guy is untouchable. The top dog. The big fish. Big fish mgani huyo ana searchiwa kama burukenge?

If he was so powerful si angeambia Kinoti don’t you dare step into that office? I don’t think Ruto realizes that Kenya has changed or continues to change. In the event he becomes Rais he seems to believe that he would continue looting willy nilly, protected and undisturbed by that high office like in the Moi era.

So in other words what you are saying is that your beloved Ruto was searched lightly and gently and with a lot of respect like a mwizi wa simu?

Or rather he is a mwizi wa simu who was searched lightly, gently and with a modicum of respect, but still searched, he remains.

Patricia tuliza kende lest you have a heart attack over things which are beyond your control.

Analoot aje na hana powers? Hana bank, anaficha io pesa wapi?

Are you really this stupid or are you acting like in a film ? It would be unfortunate if you are actually this dumb in real life.

You probably believe that Moi’s rungu gave him super powers and the ability to read minds. I knew a Kalenjin who was like that. In his eyes Moi was second only to the Almighty himself.

Cambridge Analytica have earned their pay. Ushanaswa. Media ikisema ruka juu unauliza how high. Media ikisema sabuni iko chini unainama tu.

We live in the age of fake news. If you are a politician and you are caught in a scandal, simple yell fake news. Wananimaliza.

Wasn’t the very same Ruto a client and final. beneficiary of Cambridge analytica in Jubilee? Mtu abebe msalaba wake. Mtu awache cat walk as the very same DP says.

Isn’t it procedural…???