I think the government did a helluva job in Kibera. I think they did splendid in their endeavour to show us that where there is will, there a way is made!

However, it is my opinion that we, Jubilee, should now stop gloating about that chapter. Especially the politicians. Even if we need to show the people that Raila is inept, Kibera is a shamefully sorry story that we ought to forget, due to the corruption scandals that were associated with the minister who oversaw the works.

We can’t just wish away more than 20 years of no effort to atleast improve the situation there by their representative in parliament on basis of alleged theft by someone who atleast built toilets and other things to promote decency.
Unfortunate bit is that they were incited to raze the buildings and amenities to the ground


Pharmacies in Uruguay to start selling bhang next week [/SIZE]
Saturday July 15 2017
A marijuana plant in a greenhouse. Legal sales of bhang for recreational purposes are set to begin July 19, 2017 in Uruguay. PHOTO | JOSH EDELSON | AFP
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Uruguay will allow pharmacies to sell marijuana starting next Wednesday, in the final phase of a law making the small South American country the first in the world to legalize and regulate pot from production to sale.

Under legislation approved in 2013, Uruguayans have been allowed to grow their own pot and…

Hata hiyo kidogo did not need any celebration. It would have had more effective if they just did everything chini ya maji… Hii makelele ya Kibera ni cheap shots and publicity.
The residents still voted in their man despite the lack of “development”.
Jubilee zaa zingine wanakuwa diverted juu ya kufocus on Raila tu

The govergovernment must take those service to people who appreciates and embrace them !

Today you are balanced in your approach. Also remind Muthamaki of slums in his county kiambu like kiandutu slums…Him and His father have shared 20 years in power and did nothing about this

There are many slums across the country that the national and county governments need to upgrade.

Won’t happen, we first have to upgrade ‘old Eastland’ Ololo, okongo, Shauri, baha, mahadu, muthurwa and Jeri.

Kwanza Muthurwa is an eyesore.