Kibera madness loading

Emotions running high[ATTACH=full]456716[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]456716[/ATTACH]

RAILA Tosha!!

MWIZI aende Sungoi

When will Githeri trash go HD?!

Ojinga akishindwa zitangoa reli hizi vipiis

Ojingaism is a curse

Local Media are still in stone age, broadcasting 420p content in this day and age.

576i ndio ya highest. Ni kama kuwatch DVD[ATTACH=full]456792[/ATTACH]

Imagine watching that shit on a 75 Inch 4K Screen…

Let’s not even go there.
Kuna time BAMBA walikuwa na channels kaa mbili in 720 na 1080

As you know kalenjins occupy Kibra,