Kibe Still Playing Sexpert?

Andrew Kibe has advised women to desist from quarreling with their men over petty issues.

“Eti kwa nini ulichafua place ulikulia? Mbona ulichafua choo? Everything that you ask him is registering in his mind and his attraction to you is decreasing. He won’t divorce you. He didn’t want to have a mpango wa kando, but kwa sababu hujawahiacha kuongea, anatafuta mtu wa kumpea peace,” Kibe explained.


Terryanne and Promise made a splash with their romance because of the 20 years age gap between them The couple narrated receiving threats from people wanting them to separate, but they would not budge
Terryanne then disclosed that she had gifted Promise a piece of land and registered it in his name, “He said he didn’t want a car,” she said, and her lover expressed gratitude for the gift. However, it was not smooth sailing as the couple faced backlash and threats. “I have been receiving threats from women saying that I should leave my boo,” Terryanne said asserting that she would never do that.

“A female MP offered me KSh 1 million.”

Promise, a 22-year-old man dating Terryanne, 42, has claimed his DM was full of messages from older women interested in him.

The couple spoke about their investment in Promise’s name, getting threats from her ex, and going to meet their parents.

Such boys huwa wanatombwa Rasa na dildos . How do you date a old grandmother? Our grandfather married young girls that’s why we don’t get old even after rolling the earth for 30 fucking years

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Kenya kuna umaskini mbaya. Wacha kijana ajisaidie, ubaya asizoee wamama juu according to a not so ancient river road saying, ukizoea kutomber mama, hutaoa.

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