Kibe Is Calling Out Nabii For Selling Us Church Instead Of Development...

This type of people who mock WSR prayers toward God will never pray for your success or help

I agree with kefeee. Ruto is a fool and has zero idea on how to solve Kenyan problems. Bure kabisa. Ngombe ici.

This politicians should also be praying for their salary, not just rain and economic improvement! Maybe mana will rain from heaven

Prayers of the wicked never reach God , huyu ameshiba anaendelea kuloot akindanganya poonder Kama wewe maombi itafika juu na Kama fala uko hapa , who trusts religious bullshit in this era? Wewe ni maombi gapi yako imejibiwa ng’ombe hii ? Juzi ilikua na kisonono did you pray ikapona ? Shenzi

The more foolish people are the ones that voted for that con. Eti “hasora”, “wheelbarrow” nonsense. Trust they will repeat the same mistake in 2027.

Now he has the office and the power and is totally clueless on how to solve the problems facing Kenyans.

Azimio team was quite bloated with old geezers… Had quite a big team… They are slowly falling off… So when Azimio gets to power… They won’t have as many people to reward…

Therefore it’s a good thing kenya kwisha won… Nd since they are clue2… They’ll be voted out after a quick five years since citizens will want nothing to do with them.

Wewe do you pray ndio upewe “ile kitu” na lanye or you work hard to raise 150 ndio ulipe?

Jsks should also be busy working to raise cash to run govt not wasting time and resources on prayers.

Dynaste baya hasora tawara

hasla abinjwe bana

Azimbwehas Circlejerking hapa

My god is female, and i love worshipping her. With prayers i also ask for rain and other favours.

Most of these men who hates her loves money, they are sex perverts and really comes hard when abusing the beauty of a sex goddess.

I was once in a dream about a dystopian future to which ‘development’ is taking us, i happened to bump into my goddess adorning a soldier’s attire and was bemused, she told me she was coming from a battle of souls and she just won a few and wasn’t even full enough for a clay pot she was holding.

I asked her if i should follow her, she declined but gave me an amulet inform of a looking glass.

When i woke up i found my amulet among a pile of my old stuff from the 90s, i even got this magazine cover with a face of a glamorous girl i used to admire as a teen.

I pray that god shall restore our innocence and beauty, ban online porn and start reprinting the good old nude magazines.


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