Kibaki's Minister Of Interior During Mt. Elgon Operation

Praying Mantis atafute mtu wa kiwango hicho ampe kazi ya Uwaziri mahala pa Sunday School Teacher Kindiki, otherwise hatakuwa na Wakale wakumpigia Kura 2027, wanachinjwa kama mbuzi.

Kumbe Kales are only brave when dealing with defenseless Kikuyu women and children hiding in a church?


Mt. Elgon was a complex Case if marginalization and clan conflicts. The SLDF nucleus initially had support of a certain rift politician who was bankrolling them weekly. After 2008 demands zilipoongezeka he ran to Kibaki amsaidie. So they were finished with little mdomo.

The atrocities visited by both SLDF and KDF on civilians were monumental.