Kibaki vs Matiba rivalry

These are 2 great sons of Kenya, but something i would like to ask our historians to clarify.
1.Was there any personal issue between Matiba and Kibaki
2.Did Kibaki launch his presidential bid in 1992 to spoil for Matiba?

Kibaki was a traitor alharibia Matiba kiti but pia it was for the good coz at that time moi had already microwaved matibas brain he was sick maybe ange haribu kenya

the answer to both your questions is no. Kibaki’s Democratic Party became plan B when certain interests realized matiba was too sick to govern.

Why would Kibaki suppress his own political career for Matiba?

Moi crippled Matiba, and we know that he did his best to do the same to Kibaki and any other perceived threats (e.g.Ouko).

The irony…considering that Kibaki seemed to have a few screws missing when he was president.

were you old enough in 2002 to remember the accident he had at the machakos junction when returning from a campaign rally?

The beauty of having Octogenarians kwa kijiji

Leave alone that the guy has failed to contextualize your response. As of 1992 Kibaki’s screws were intact but Matiba’s were off…

I also don’t get why no one is castigating Jaramogi. Wasn’t Ford one party before it disintegrated? Did Kibaki have anything to do with that? What justification do people have of stating that Matiba was better placed to lead Kenya than Kibaki? It was a well known fact that intellectually Kibaki is sharper and a technocrat to boot. Matiba was a good administrator, good businessman but he also had no respect for regulations and this was the reason he lost his property not sickness. Kibaki and Moi are sick why are their properties not being repossessed?

And Kibaki earned his nickname ‘General kiguoya’ loosely translates to the ‘Big coward’

Matiba wasn’t that sick in 1992, mentally that is. But he was somewhat arrogant or appeared to be. Maybe the arrogance was a symptom of his condition. But he was not as bad as in the late 90s.

Kibaki was more of a gentleman. And in 1992 he spoke about the economy and more critical stuff. I think he was more presidential in that campaign, spoiler or otherwise. Kibaki appealed to the more level headed voters whereas Matiba was like a toned down Raila. I don’t know why people blame kibaki as a spoiler and leave out Jaramogi the other half of the original FORD.

how Moi managed to split FORD should be a book on its own. that was his genius moment politically

Shikuku went to State House and the rest as they say is history.

i beg to differ, in 1992 Matiba had already suffered two strokes one in kamiti and the second one while in London undergoing treatment, when he came back from treatment he was not the same man of previous years.

The biggest mistake Matiba may have done and because he was unwell, was to use his personal fortune to campaign in the belief that Moi was a walk over.

I don’t know how Matiba’s presidency would have been but I really wish Kibaki took power in 1992.