Kibaki VS Gathecha. A simple comparison in leadership.

If you were around in the mid 2000s you’ll remember the rebirth of citizen TV. And one of it’s core contents was covering govt. events.

In fact that was what made Citizen popular. Kibaki opened govt. to the people. There was vetting of almost every senior job in the civil service. Na inaletwa live on Citizen tv. In fact it became common place to expect live vetting:

“Ataletwa vetting tumuone?”

“Nani ako vetting leo?”

“Wewe, weka citisen tuone Kafurudi!”

“Weka haraka tujue Kifaki anatukanana wapi leo! Anaitana meffi ya kuku wapi?”

But enter Gathecha, and back to the Nyayo era appointments, we went.

One can’t even tell who was appointed until you see them much later in court over corruption allegations. When was the last time you saw a live vetting?

I never saw for instance Bruce Odhiambo, Gathecha’s school mate speak anywhere. He came, looted and went like a passing cloud. Not even a hi or a thank you…

Gathecha akadanganya vijana ati atawapatia kazi, lakini wapi. I expected to see vijana being vetted like no tomorrow … hata mmoja hakuna hadi leo.

Mnaskia tu wazee. Recently there was the article on nation. Ati bibi ya Msando amepewa kazi…

On what grounds? Does she meet the qualifications ama ni hush hush?

Hata Buzeki amepewa kazi. No live vetting. We saw the likes of Kirubi being selected to obscure positions in govt. … where was the vetting Mr. President?

His niece pale KICC… The people I’m sure would’ve loved very much to see some live vetting concerning the KICC. PROCESSES!!

The new lady at NYS does anyone even know who she is?! Aliwekwa tu.

Even the likes of Waititu and Jaguar got state appointments; REWARDS. How?!!

Halafu wakiiba hawa marafiki zake, ndio anaanza kwuuliza what we expect him to do.

I imagine if Kibaki was around everyone involved in Turkana oil for instance angeletwa TV na tuskie CV zao na maswali nyeti sana. Today it took a court case for it to be revealed who owns the trucks “looting” the oil. Yes, it’s looting sue me.

Summary. Kibaki was better, Uhuru is stinking garbage.

Africa presidency should be reserved for those over 70 years. People who will serve with no selfishness as they can see their death around the corner.

The biggest difference between the 2 is that Kibaki never entertained sycophants, if you did your work right you could keep your job,
Uhuru and Ruto on the other hand are pro-sycophant, how well you sing their praises the nearer you get to the inner circle, and so they are
now surrounded by people who are telling them sweet things.

This makes all the difference.
The idiots are given all the ears of the Kings ,
The smart non-sycophants keep quiet coz they have families to feed

ipewe wazee?

Obako was a handsoff kind of leader but interestingly theft in the ministries and parastatals was not as brazen as in Uhunye’s government, Gatheca seems to think that no amount of theft can bring down an economy, gava yake ata low cadre civil servants wanaiba

Those who voted him said that he was rich and will not steal from us but now we know he is surrounded by thieves.

How did it help during Moi days? Mugabe? Zuma?

What I find odd is that during baks time he was not giving any cash to the counties, I mean it was the old system, but what major projects can you bring up that happened during his time, the only major one that comes to mind is the free primary education and if you look at the amount set aside for that was not that significant.
I know most people say how he is by far the best president, lakini I never see it, or rather I choose not to see it if whatever major he did exists

Kibaki was the best president we had

Kibaki was not the kind of guy who would go giving out project to be seen like he is working, he understood economics well beyond just building physical infrustructure. He created a healthy economy and removed us from the shackles of economic slaverly. He changed the mode of governance and transformed education system in the country. Lakini watu walimkataa and rewarded him with PEV and so we deserve what we have and ruto for another 10 yrs. I am team ruto for this reason

Those are parastatal appointments that don’t require vetting. There is an Act called the Public Appointments ( Parliamentary Approval) Act.

Kibaki had a different leadership style and was the most prepared of all our presidents. He had over 4 decades of experience by the time he took power. Lecturer,KANU ED,Parliamentary Secretary,Minister,VP,Opposition leader then Numerous uno.

inaonekana hujawai tumia Thika Super hiwei. Na pia hujui ile shida ilikuwa ya maji in the greater Nairobi area under Moi especially in the late 90s akiondoka. Na garbage na chokoraa. Kibaki revamped the banking industry, remember Equity-mimi ni member na Mpesa… expanded the retail industry hizi masupermarkets na Malls, as late as 1999 people were still going shopping to Nairobi, supermarkets were rare ilikuwa duka na kiosks tu. Kibaki took us from dukas to Tuskys and Nakumatt.

Kibaki did a lot bwana. Expanded education, expanded university access to many, wengi wenu hamngeingia campus. One just needs to look at Kenyans ability to purchase new vehicles in the broke ass 90s as compared to the insane purchases during the Kibaki era. The construction industry boomed. Ordinary fellows started building apartments. He shook that economy mercilessly and people woke up.

And you forget that notebook of his. Ukiona Kibaki ameandika hapo jua hio project atajenga. Akilenga jua hio ni ya next time umkumbushe tena. Everyone was watching that kartasi notebook.

Uhuru has his notebook but… unajua tu hio ni loan ataenda kuomba. Na ni lazima apande ndege akienda kuomba hawezi tumia simu.

Very true, i wonder why uhuru cannot borrow a few things from kibaki. i remember from 2013, the govt didnt need to cap interest rates, it just made it impossible for banks to hoard cash in treasury bills and the results were massive loan sales. akina barclays were hparding loans in our village at interest rates of 10-11%. Credit was affordable, people could borrow and build assets, consumption increased and the economy grew. lakini hii kijana sijui ni bhangi mingi inavuta ama ni nini.

Like Buhari and that dick Biya? Kuwa serious mjamaa.