Kibaki Himself


The man was highly intelligent and sober in matters politics.

but 2007 alichoma

He won but the bonobo from Bondo refused to concede

Mbuzi wewe
Si ata SA judge Krigler alisema there was no way of knowing who won 2007

2007 nilipigia Kibaki Kura but that one, he lost

Kibaki wasnt a populist politician in a country that luvs populist people like Sonko, Ruto, kuria etc

Plus tribalism finished him. He only appointed Kikuyus. And gave government contracts to them solely.

Kibaki was tribally agnostic. He wasnt like Moi or Kenyatta 1 who favoured their tribesmen on the most part

Merus not even Kikuyu…

kwani Kibaki alizaliwa na kipara ?