Kiamburing - Hot lap

First, download this app

Then you can import the .rcz file to it.

The attachment contains following RaceChrono session:

Name: Tue, 9 May, 2017 5:53 PM
Distance: 20 km
Elapsed time: 14 minutes
TopSpeed: 160.2kph



These are some of the activities that discredited Kabogo’s tenure as a governor.Kufunga njia zenye locals hutumia ndio mkimbishe magari watoto wa watu wanalala njaa juu hamna namna ya kwenda kutafut

Impressive numbers. Was this in the GT? We should plan a run soon. I have a GTI.

Hiyo machine huenda ajabu. Watu wanadhani juu ni kadogo wanaoverlook…

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Hapa kiambu? Road closed or open? Entry rules? Chanua bana, half info wengi wetu hatuta overstand.


just got word that my delayed part will be here tomorrow. can’t wait.
now to fully finish the fozzy.
this is one thing i would like to try. though my car has high ground clearance (on purpose)

Shall we test it out this weekend?

when it’s complete. it’s a tear down then a build up. all parts are available ni vile sijazifit bado.