Kiambu Prostitute Working In Germany

Her name is Zaawadi


How long have you been on ktalk sir? Oh wait! Kuna mafala hawajaona?

huyu ashaomoka

We need all the foreign currency we can get ! Hizo Euro ana tuma zia saidia huko Gachie !

Kenya should export more hoes warushe Euros, Pounds na Dollars huku.

You can’t change hoes into housewives, so why not profit from their activities?

Watusaidie kulipa hizi madeni Bonobo 1 alileta.


Wapi fideo

Wapi fideo

findeo ziko DFHKM

Mbona anafanana msudi

IG: [SIZE=6]kamau_wk[/SIZE]


I have been supporting your candidature. But it’s been long since you last declared your intention to become a KTALK moderator.

Are you still interested?

You would be the only person moderating two rival forums. Kindly let me know kama thirst iliisha ama niendelee kukupigia debe .


uko na influence? Ungaweka kemikal?

Nimeosha rungu kwa Sabina Joy ya Berlin. 50 Euros unakamuliwa BJ, HJ na shot moja. Its legal in Netherlands n Germany. Alot of foreigners ndio wamejaa. Mostly russians. Very petite and sweet.

Why not export weed instead. Or start cultivating heroin poppy seeds.

Weed and poppy are hard to transport undetected. Hoes are undetectable. Logistics man, logistics.

They dont have hoe detectors at airports :smiley:

If you want a career in Porn , those are the places to go … :smiley:

Nimesahau jina yake but she’s a popular pornstar Germany vile umesema