Kiambu governor Nyoro accompanied by huge crowd celebrates passing of BBI


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It Reminds me of madvd’s campaign in some mt kenya town back in 2013:D…watu ya central wana madharau sana.
But please dont bring edited videos hapa kesho…i know itumbi is working on them tonight ostensibly to reveal how MCAs were coerced. Najua they will flood here kesho mapema

@Finest wine . Is this the area you were so sure about? Nilikwambia tu.

Sio madharau its just that we have no time for foolishness, if MCAs chose to ignore us and pass BBI then they should know we have no time for them!

Now tell us about Bomet celebrations after passing BBI.


Kwa ground Kiambu BBI.

Machunguu soma comment ya @Hot Chocolate! The pain is real

If you ask any county employees, especially the doctors working in Kiambu County, they will openly tell you that Waititu was 100× better than this piece of shit called Nyoro.

There is not a single thing he has done and he does not even get salaries paid on time

That is why he is celebrating BBI juu hapa amefika hawezi rudi

Simiyu nimelala vizuri. I am good at moving on swiftly when it comes to things I have no control over. Nilijiimbia this song…
. We all know that Uhuru had to buy out the MCAs and for that reason most of them can kiss their seats goodbye next year.