Kiambu County- Tarmacking of Kimbo-Matangini Road in Juja sub-county

Tarmacking of Kimbo- Matangini road in Juja sub-county. Lastly at least 3 roads in every ward have been advertised for upgrading. Baba yao will also surprise many.
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hio ya gacororo - mungetho inapitia wapi exaclty if you have the details?

To the road engineers, when they put tar on top of dust, then add tarmac, how long is the road expected to last? I normally see stones being broken first then placed before tarring… Ama?

But all in all good move.

That’s the old way of doing roads… Especially in good soil conditions like juja where basically all is murram…you just need heavy compacting and dust reduction and the road is ready for a good tarmac.

Just imagine tarmacking one road a year in every county. In five years Baba Yao would have completely transformed rural Kiambu.

ICC inawangoja

Do you have the details about the total length to be tarmacked ?

Length, no.

It is all about quality and not quantity. This work is suspect!!
Besides, where is the HSE??

Doing these access roads is far much better than bearing the agony of commuting in dust and potholes…if we wait for more"better"roads,five years will go with unending rant.nice piece mzeiyah!

It is very sad to note an applaud on this horrible job and deceit of the highest order. For it will take only three days of rainfall to drain away this carpet. This work is suspect and not sustainable, more of an insult to the tax-payer. Sad.