Kiambu County-Tarmacking Giathieko-Gakoe-Mukuyu River Junction in Githinguri Sub county

This is a road joining C64 to C65 road. Its starts from; Gakoe junction - Kianjogu - Giathieko - Gakoe - Mukuyu River Junction in Githinguri sub-County.

Tarmacking going on. Fully funded by the County Government of Kiambu under the leadership of HE Babayao.

Yours truly John Mugwe and the Roads,Transport, Public Works and Utilities Department is committed to improve mobility within the county.

Kudo to Jubilee governors Baba Yao and Mike Sonko. They are surprising many.
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Kama mko huko,I hope you re-carpet the one to my shaggz. Those roads were neglected since Moi era.

Copy and paste as received. Its good also to acknowledge the source.


taja Barabara tutembee huko for analysis and fisibility study:D

For a minute there I thought you decided to let us know who you are.
But in all honesty, will those roads last for long?

heheeheh…I have relatives here. I will be outed in a jiffy.

Yes, rural low seal roads only traffic is under 5 tonnes cars/pickups/tractor. They will last.

Good job Governor Waititu