Kiambu County poised to introduce the first levy of it's kind : peasants wakamuliwe kabisa even breathing would be levied


Mabillionier wa murang’a hatutambui gazeti za kufunga nyama

Mnatambua nini… ka-brown envelope from Lootman killer Sunday? Is orait it’s understandable

Flower farms long term cause more harm than good and only benefit the owners. Waende.

[SIZE=4]poor men should not enjoy sex. The county should find a way of taxing those entering cheap brothels[/SIZE]

Then s@x would be out of reach for most peasants like me and @Motokubwa in County 43…It would be like taxing the second most crucial item after oxygen

What about coffee and tea plantation… don’t they cause equally ecological and environmental mayhem?

difference is a lot more chemicals are used in flower farms and there is a lot more human chemical exposure due to greater human plant interactions

But flowers is big business

I don’t deny that