Kiambu Budgets For S. Sudan & Presidential Retirement

Over KES 2.2 billion in panya holes .


Kweli pesa hufanya watu wazimu

That was clearly a national budget template…a rookie mistake by those in charge of drafting the county budget…incompetence everywhere

The funny part is that they’ll get away with it

Wasenji…Only a REVOLUTION

Exposes the incompetency of Waitutu, if not corruption. He just does politics and leaves the CECs to loot and write shoddy reports.

Clearly shows the figures were cooked.

Copied the national government template, forgot to even change the name. :D:D

There’s more than meets the eyes in the whole saga.

What we are seeing is a proof enough this fool never stepped in an institution of higher learning. mjinga ni mjinga hata akuwe na pesa.

But when your friend is the same one who sneaked ‘fundamentals’ in a few copies of the draft constitution what do you expect?
Whether copied or not he is doomed!

The term you’re looking for is “Incompetent Thieves”

Kiambu people will never revolt. Bunch of sissies. The largest supplier of homeguards in the maumau era.

They sung and danced in 2013 and laughed at everyone else who was not voting for jubilee,now they are being robbed twice as they watch by the central government and county government,No offence but Jubilee voters are some of the thickest human-beings in this planet only a step ahead of homo-habilis


Niaje mkuki chungu kwa u dumb aki

No offense? You need to work on your humor delivery.

The CEC is former Mp Kigo Njenga