Kiambaa Church Massacre Is The Only Card Left In Dynasties' Bag Of Tricks

Vile WSR anaendelea kuwa maarufu there is no other way to stop the nigger other than to dig up the skeletons of that fateful day. Ruto’s narrative of associating with the walalahois has proven to be extremely efficient.

Hapa hakuna njia ingine. Old wounds have to be opened up Mabeberu hawana namna nyingine.


Kiambaa is lethal by the way. The problem is, Ruto is actually on tape calling for it. Actually, he specifically said that such names from central should not be there and they should go back to where they came from. The irony is that Kalenjins emigrated to Uasin Gishu very recently, during colonial period. Ruto himself is from Bomet region

This photo really hit me. That’s when it dawned on me kulikuwa kunoma. Had to briefly relocate from nai to kangocho.

they already tried it last year but still failed terribly.
[SIZE=7]Oscar Sudi Breathes Fire After DCI Kinoti’s Kiambaa Church Probe[/SIZE]
[li]By STEPHANIE WANGARI on 24 November 2020 - 11:24 am[/li]
Kapseret MP Oscar Sudi addressing the press at his home in Eldoret, Uasin Gishu County, on July 24, 2019.

[li]Kapseret MP Oscar Sudi on Tuesday, November 24, issued a statement following the announcement by the Director of Criminal Investigations (DCI) George Kinoti that he would reopen the 2007 Post Election Violence (PEV) cases.[/li]Addressing the press from his constituency, Sudi accused the DCI unit of having paid individuals to record the statements for political purposes.
“They want to use PEV to gain political mileage but I want to tell them that they will not succeed. They are even paying people to record statements so that the ICC and PEV cases can be re-opened,” he stated.
Sudi further alleged that a senior police officer had approached him claiming to have been asked to testify against Deputy President William Ruto.


What about the other man from Bondo?

This pev we also know rao was the grand mastermind behind it with his Pentagon

When the campaigns start properly, that’s when we’ll clearly understand what cards are on the table, under the table and on the sleeves.

Rachel Ruto has nightly nightmares about burning bodies.

Where is this recording?

Kwani is there anything secret about Kiambaa and 2007 PEV? Si everyone knows how it went down, how it happened, and what caused it? Alafu si Kiambaa chorus has been played since 2009? In other news, 2022 is choosing between the father of 41-vs-1 and a man who happened to be his General. Nothing new. [ATTACH=full]371297[/ATTACH]

uko na hiyo tape? how old were you then? The skirmishes were spontaneous not planned and communities attacked each other based on what they heard was happening to their members in other regions.

unfortunately, nothing was spontaneous. Where were kalenjins attacked first?

Some time in 2007, a nandi young man in Eldoret told me about the plan

Here it is:[ATTACH=full]371310[/ATTACH]

Believe whatever the fuck you want to, the fact is that there was an upswell of tension and uncertainty across the country moments preceding/succeeding the announcement. Politicians from across the divide fueled the tension, in fact baba is on record calling for mass action, and misinformation and exaggerated facts took center stage. I was in kericho that time, people would crowd listening to how so and so’s kin had been burnt in a vehicle in kisii, some slashed with pangas in naivasha. That’s how the pattern of incitement was replicated in many other places and people massacred

The real Ruto. The real man.

I don’t know why he stopped answering questions this way without beating around the bush.

:D:D It’s now clear, you’re either too naive and gullible ama you’re among the shitheads hell bent on twisting PEV events for some nefarious reasons

Can you share the entire clip what he was talking about…we get the entire context of the video

They were not spontaneous. The 41 vs 1 was the excuse most had been waiting for. But anyway PEV is partly why Ruto won’t be able to inherit the entire Kikuyu bloc.