Khupipi yako akisema hivi utasikiaje hapo ndani ya roho?

She is a comedian, maybe anatry joke.

Huyu dem hukaanga radical feminist for some reason. Wanakuanga na hii look flani.

huyu dem hanikaliangi mhindi. for some reason ye hunikalia muitaliano ama latino.

It’s true she has some good amount of Caucasian genes

Italians are largely Indo-European in their genetic makeup.

Must have felt like when you discovered Wafula in your bedroom

Basically she’s an easy lay.

[SIZE=3]Digits zikam [/SIZE]

She is from around Goa. Those Indians intermarried with Portuguese in the 14th and 15th century. This are the results.

what about wale bibi zako wa sabiba joy? How do they look like? Their tattered panties, what do they smell like?

Sijawaingia SJ. Ungesema another brothel

kindly stick to matters pertaining smelly jaba-chewing Kisii prostitutes. Hii maneno ya actors huwezi. Rich girls are waaaay out of your league. But hey, keep on smashing smelly lanyes. And if that fails, lure in talkers with promises of free beer. As a country, we’re approaching the point of absolute liberty.

Okay, sophia joy then. Ama V.I.P. Ama Modern Green. Ama Nyokabiro House – in brief, one of those dingy brothels you love to frequent

Hehe Wangapi loading

:smiley: na azindikishe na price tag

zane kamau or should we call you ted wairi? like @Jimit said you have a gey name. who the hell even names his kid zane unless the son is gey! shut your gey ass up bruh. dont start it with me boy.

ghaseer :D:D

1000 cock stare

nimewoch Citadel and am disappointed vile huyu dem wa 50 kgs ati anapiga maboyz wa 100 KGs . pure nonsense