Khaligraph Jones Needs the Osungu Lorry

Hiyo song yake Dedication iko fiti. I like the song a lot. But I cringe every time the chorus comes up. How on earth do you pronounce “we are one” as “we e one”?

If @introvert doesn’t ngurumisha that tractor, he can at least hand Khali some tissue.

ION, does anybody have the link to this new Google Kenya advert that has people asking “Do you know?” Azandizana.

Kijana, unasema nini pwaana?

[SIZE=5]Its a song ! Just like a poem or a painting creatives get alot of leeway !
Plus English is not our first language ! This obsession with queens English as if you are the royal bidet cleaner in buckingham palace is annoying! [/SIZE]

Kuna kitu inaitwa artistic license.

Most hip hop and rap artists say ‘aks’ instead of ‘ask’ why because it makes them sound cool. Music is art.
No wonder I listen to Rhumba music

Its not because they think it sounds cool , they just don’t know the difference, its ghetto speak aka ebonics:(

So you think nn one has ever corrected them. Specifically the word ask. Why that word

american rapper wannabe,
kitu mi huchukia kwa kenyan entertainment ni fake accents and borrowed culture. no wonder music ya kenya haiezi hit beyond kenya.

Don’t get me wrong. His music is pretty tight, and I can stand his twang. I just don’t get the “we e one”

Inaitwa uhuru wa mtunzi katika ushairi, Kuna kitu inaitwa mazida na Inkisari, meffi!

Its not the only word, its the only one you’re aware of. They’re many words they pronounce in a different way eg fifty they say fi-ty.
That’s why “black speak” is called ebonics, it has a different intonation from regular american english which is different from british english. Surprisingly no one is condeming “white american english”. :rolleyes:
American say warra instead of water, twenny instead of twenty, alanic instead of atlantic and aint instead of is not. The list is endless.
Bottom line is, if you are only exposed to a particular way of pronouncing words, its difficult to teach your tongue to roll in a different way hence the issue of having an “accent” when speaking a different language.

Okay, now explain why music ya kijaka ama kikamba haihit beyond kenya

I have no full idea of what you just said but I agree… uhuru wa mshairi.

It’s quality Sir, quality! Congolese music has gone beyond it’s borders, despite being in a language many don’t understand, because the music quality is exceptional. :D:D:D

Jamaneni artists have some freedom though

Mzee mjinga 0-10 Muthamaki

Wueh! Boss, umenifundisha mambo mapya leo.

Many nigerian musicians do not sing in an american accent but their music is played allover africa, while wakina kaligraph na hio US accent zao wana struggle kuskika inje ya Kenya