Khabib vs connor biggest ever UFC fight PPV fight

well its finally here ths ‘biggest’ fight in UFC history , i have put bigggest in quotes coz i dont believe its the biggest in my standards ( big to me has to be a heavy weightfight) anyway its here the bout is here Khabib is the best ever according to me coz in fights he is unbeaten and the best wrestler ( na si wrestling ile ya wamama wa WWE, commier ni olympic gold medalist ) in UFC history second only to my boy commier . the boy from Dagestan has been waiting for this fight but Connor the coward was heparing the fight mpaka akanyanganywa belt . in this weight division Khabib has submitted all opponents mpaka mtu analia kwa octagon . the Russian hapendi upuss infact his last fight the opponent has injuries to the joints serious bed ridden . Connor has a grudge na yeye ati he disrespected him aliorushia his stable mate kiti . Khabib amesema Connor atatoka kwa octagon with a re-arranged face after the fight .

We all know Connor the fool wa mdomo refu na matusi though he broke records by holding two belts of different divisions ako na umama , after fighting Floyd maywether he made hundreds of millions halafu akaanza madharau kuonyesha Dana white umeffi ati he decides the amount of money he gets before a fight . i dont like him sitasema mob about him mwenye anampenda aongee juu yake . a

am seeing Khabib taking him down and ground impounding him to submission in the third round

nimeshachukua PPV yangu niko tiyari




@Rene Descartes (chieth)


kuomini na maoni

watu wa WWE (womens wrestling entertainment ) @junkie et al musikaribie hapa endeni muone rey mysterio (35 kg ) akipiga great khali (180 kg)



jirani tafuta EA sports ya UFC

Nataka Conor achape khabib

Connor haja fight for long

Niaje uwes, nipatie summary priss

Connor is a whiskey drinking loud mouth he needs to be taken down

Weka rink

wewe ulisoma mpaka pale vatican polytechnic apana uliza samari , psumari achia D- material kina wochman @pamba

Ngombe Uwes. Event iko saa ngapi. Na channel gani


Naona Connor akipewa KO.

"endeni muone rey mysterio (35 kg ) akipiga great khali (180 kg) "Hehehe umenimalisa,
Khabib anyoreshe hiyo nyangau wa Jameson whisky, kuongea tu nyiiingi, Khabib is a tough boy, apana tambua watu wa traffles ama zile vitu zilikua zikiitwa???

Conor’s time is up… i want him to be humiliated.

Mccregor has an advantage in that the fight starts while standing up. Khabib head movements is pure rubbish. Just watch his fights he gets hit a lot by opponents considerably easier than Mccregor but khabib has a metal chin and can take punches but on foot he will get punished by Mccregor. On the other hand if he manages to take Connor down that would be it. Dude is a beast on the floor na atachapa Connor hapo vizuri. It’s a 50-50 fight whoever plays the other to his strengths wins.

Hapana tambua Connor, I hate his bloated ego and loud mouth. He must get a beating

If you look at the stats, Khabib is at 26-0-0 while McGregor is is 21-3 and you know the Russians with this type of combat, hakuna kubembelezana, submission pap!

I support Khabib though those of you saying he hasn’t lost means he will not lose is utter senseless analysis. Connor has faced more competitive fighters as opposed to Khabib.I feel like the fight will go 50/50. Connor has elite boxing skills and Khabib has elite wrestling skills. Connor in my opinion has lost the mental game(wasn’t able to fully get into KN head. Connor has only 2 rounds to take Khabib most knockouts of his occur in 1/2 round. Below a video of the eagle wrestling with a beear at 9yrs.

it is the biggest fight since it has racked up double the most ppv sales (connor vs diaz 2) . Y’all will hate Connor but he has 4/5 most watched ppv in ufc history, he is undeniably a great businessman and marketer and the face of ufc

Maze after UFC 206 sijawatch ingine. Nipatiwe summary ya major events.

Naugh respec, the boy is as tough as can be, and he learned from the best