Kevin Samuels: Shetani Hana rafiki mblo

After surviving cancer, the devil lies to you, you go serve him, to mislead men and women and kutusi wanawake. He gives you all the money and ego massage, world wide fame. Then suddenly you are cut down kifo cha aibu by at the hands of the same women unashindanga ukitusi vile wako bure. Shetani anajua hao sio bure and that is why he uses women to bring men down.

I am just sounding a warning to Andrew Kibe, all the mgtow, all the red peel, all the pump and dump artists, all the men here who have ingiad kwa forest, mtoto wako analia, msichana wa mtu analia ajili yako. You think you so sleek talkin’ about the wall is undefeated. Do you know what you can never EVER make a come back from? Not the wall. DEATH. It is resoundingly FINAL. Examine your life and turn back before your master finishes you.

And Andrew Kibe is as yall superior men love to say, NEXT ON THE CHOPPING BOARD. You better be lost when you are young but when you are old is a tragedy of epic portions. Kibe was on a good track till Shetani akamnongonezea that akuje amfanyie kazi. Akaanza, the devil anakuanga very sarcastic, he’s using you to insult parents abandon them make platform from nyanyez rhetoric saa hio umefugwa na huyo huyo mnyanyez. I mean Enyewe kama kuna Bingwa wa sarcasm ama ni irony it’s the devil. Watch this space. If Kibe won’t come back to his senses ngoja mwisho wake na simtakii mabaya but he will not step in Kenya on his feet and itakua kifo cha aibu saba especially because he was once even a pastor. You will remember my words, years from now.

Nyinyi wengi keep up the good work you do in the devil’s vineyard. Lanye after Lanye. Mshahara ya shetani ni Tatu tuu. Steal. Kill and finally completely destroy you. Mumejionea wenyewe. Imagine surviving cancer and then you die like this. You can not outwit Satan. Toka tuu kwa himaya yake. Wale munataka oa Bibi wengi pia muko hapo. Everything that really appeals to your ego think twice. If ata Zuckerberg is not on Lanye carousel we ndio unajifanya uko pesa mingi sana za kuwa whore monger. My fren utashanga.

Ni hayo tuu watazamaji. Thanks God I never wasted my energy and time listening to Kevin Samuels. Mafans pole kwa msiba enda kwa Kibe as you wait who will fall first you or him.

I feel nothing. What a nuisance. A toxin has been deleted. Na sio Mungu amemdelete. Just his master Satan. Shetani Hana ahsante wala huruma. He had to die bcz of a woman after surviving cancer. It’s like the guy Odom Lamar alienda Lanye and drug binge in Vegas jamaa aka OD it’s God alimhurumia he was going to die in a hoe house like a dog.

Atleast wenye wamehit wall hawatakua wameoza na kukulwa na maggots by the end of the week. The grave really is UNDEFEATED.

On a light note the oldest person in the world is 127 year old French nun. How old was Samuels when he died half of that.I doubt it. Kuchill kuna benefits. Fun facts. The last one a 128 Yr old lady recovered twice from cancer and covid. Hitting the wall is when life starts. A Chinese lady. Very jolly. Loved her cake.

Oneni wale watu humtumkia Mungu instead unaiiiiiiishiiiiii hadi we mwenyewe unachoka. Amazing. I love it.

I pray for you to overcome your mental illness and bitterness. #siku_moja_utapona

Makena I pray your family planning fails upate mimba ndio you get a baby to distract you so that you stay away from YouTube.

So according to your retarded logic, success is growing older than the oldest person. The argument “If Einstein was so smart why did he die?” comes to mind :smiley:

Unaongenga maneno miiingi. Kindly summarize your points in your head then type.

Preach sister, preach :D:D:D. Though If we all lived to 128 imagine the burden on society and welfare costs. It’s better some of us exit earlier to save costs.


What of those among us who perform Vital and necessary CSR “Service” and Companionship duties to neglected Spouses , Spinsters and depressed single young ladies …??? :D:D