Kevin Samuels lived off his first wife and didn't pay child support

High Value Sugar ancestor. Unbelievable. Huyu jamaa si ako na skeletons. I was anti him now I just pity him. Wah. Mungu saidia the chimpanzee population if these are their messiahs we in bigger trouble than I thought.

black women, just let him rest!!!

What a con. Playing with mens emotions for years and causing them to recite self defeatist anthems ‘we high value’.
he really got them bad. Was fake about EVERY damn thing smdh

It says more about black men than about him. A hungry man will eat anything. Our men are lost. Whoever claims to have answers they follow like sheep. Now that he’s dead maybe they can watch this…

Didn’t start yesterday either

There is no rest for the wicked. Does your red peels have any compassion for women, why they use every last mistake they make vicious comments about them. He hit the final wall. There’s no coming back. He’s in hell burning and being tortured by demons. Don’t kid yourself that he is resting. He will never ever rest. Ever again. Hope that high value hoe was worth it.