Kevin Samuels is dead???

Kule majuu wanasema Kevin Samuels ameenda kwa Jehovah Wanyonyi.

Feminist wameamua kumaliza yeye.

It could just be a rumour started by @TrumanCapote

Waiting for TMZ to confirm.


Feminists are having a party on Twitter… I hope its not true.

MGTOW=FREEDOM… Is Alpha males Focus on the lessons not on an individual

Wueh. Kapote atanunua gari mpya. They are saying it’s Red Bull he constantly drinks and V pills.

Who tf is Kevin Samuels?

He is someone that you can google

American Kifee

Kevin Samuels is Andrew Kibe kenyan version. Waking up the modern weak men and putting entitled women in their place.

Amerixx wa yunaires steits,defender of the MGTOW flag

I don’t believe in those energy drinks. Nasikia they cause alot of heart problems. Each time naingia club napata watu wanakata mizinga na Red bull kando i shake my head. Kwani wanaume walipoteza nguvu?

They eat rubbish (unbalanced diets), then they drink chemicals.

Bana…juzi i was helping a buddy move from his apartment. He’s bigger than me in size. Jamaa alikuwa anahema kama ngamia bana. We were just moving house hold items. Kila time ghaseer inanishow tukule break. Saa hiyo niko fiti kabisa actually i was carrying the heavier sides.

We simply need to go back to the basics–eat unprocessed food: proteins, vitamins and carbohydrates. Plus, enjoy the air, water, and exercise. Since the modern man no longer earns his food by extreme physical exertion (e.g. hunting antelopes–some do so by sitting at a computer most of the day), the body must be exercised somehow. He doesn’t have to go to a gym, he can do stretches, jumps and push ups at home, before starting the day, or do a short jog or go cycling, near his home. He can also join a local sports (eg soccer) club, a hiking group, or pay for a swim at a local public pool, once in a while.

@kush yule mnono ghasia kuja tuelezeee vile ngamia huhemaaa. Ikiwezekana leta findio na sound track ya panting camel. Asante jombaaaa.

@kush yule mnono ni mnono so yeye ndio huhema

Kulia yeye khupipi

mtoto wa single mother hujui Kevin Samuels? homosexual @Kodiaga saidia huyu kiyana hapa

Kuna football ya pure amateur career & business people every sunday, one team wears green & the other blue. There is usually 90% of missed passes and open goals althrough but at the end of 90mins , wamesweat na kufungua mishipa ya damu.

Chapu kino kiii ,WI mundu ngiti muno akiii ndwi maana senzi iii