Kevin Samuel viral video discussion

Basically Kevin Samuels like Tommy Satan mayor is a brokeass who saw opportunities in bashing black women online. The weird thing is that women actually call his show to get dating advice. Sometimes my intuition tells me the women on his show are paid by him to act so that his videos can go viral. I never ever watch toxic masculinity channels ever bcz I’m not going to make a misogynaire famous by viewing his videos on YT or wherever. I am open minded, I watch gey folk, and I watch even stuff about white supremacist groups but atheists and women bashes, no thanks.

So this madam earns 6 figure salary but can’t get a man at her level but she’s limited herself to black men, she doesn’t swirl yet black men are about 13% of the population and a quarter of them are in jail. The rest are gangsters and drug addicts. So the pickings are slim. Certainly money can’t buy love and I’m against women buying men’s love bcz in the end it all falls apart after the man can stand on his own 2 feet. How many times have you seen this happen? When you date down or marry down you set yourself up to be used and dumped no matter how many kids you have or how much you have built up that man even if you are legally married. Nothing can stop a man from leaving other than what he has invested in you and in your relationship. Periodt.

What I can tell loaded women who can’t find men of their standard, please save yourself the misery, keep off broke asses and know that nowadays scientists can help you get children even if you have never had sex or never carried a pregnancy. There’s in vitro. There’s surrogacy. Get a white sperm donor. It’s easier to explain this to your child than if they are just around other black kids who have their dads. Their being different will make them more accepting about the lack of dad. Never forget. Money and a happy mommy who isn’t depressed bcz she’s been left with loans and diseases from the man she’s done everything for. Trust me I counsel married women and lemme tell you, I would have done well as a drug dealer. Those people are stressed. Men are HIGHLY overrated. Men are more trouble than they are worth so that energy you waste trying to look for a man, use it to look for money. Money does not cheat, beat, abuse, use, give you AIDS and then dump you. So anyway those who are still in the delusion that a man is the panacea to your loneliness, come I give you my married friends to tell you what real loneliness is. It’s a whole new world of stress, deception, being used and frustration- the world of men. Especially if you are with a broke man. You are at the bottom of the barrel literally. All men are problematic don’t be deceived that a poor man or a man with no options is any better. Once that wallet gets fat, you will see the real man in him. Poor people who need a stepping stone are very humble. Very. And when they use you as a stepping stone they will spit in your face. And then go get the women they really want. Not the woman they could get when they were broke who will be a constant reminder of when they were down in life. Why do you think men marry new wives when they get loaded? They want to forget the struggle and the woman associated with that struggle. They want it to be a distant memory. OK. Here’s the discussion. I believe it’s less biased. From what I have gleaned Kevin Samuels told the woman that she wasn’t beautiful is the reason behind her singleness. Well beautiful women carry pregnancies, go through labor and are domestic and sex slaves like every other average or even below average woman. Furthermore their looks fade with age like everyone does. So that should not be the excuse to lower your standards ati because you are average looking then the only choice you have is to become a work mule and take up the man’s role of providing. So if you play the male role and the female role, why don’t you marry yourself since you are a complete package all by yourself, what will the man be doing if you are the one providing? Getting you pg? Come on. You are playing yourself and you will live to regret it. How do I know? I’ve seen it happen to so so many women. It’s not worth and it will break you. Women have options now. Exercise your power to choose wisely. Here’s the discussion.