Kevin Kangethe: You don't kill on US soil and get away with it

Najua ile malair @TrumanCapote @Mangele has posted about this, but it’s too important to be left to such a narrow minded idiot.

It was just a matter of time, Kevin, a dual citizen, murdered her girlfriend-Margaret Mbitu at Boston, could run but could not hide from the long hand of FBI. FBI had solve this, and fast, to discourage it’s many immigrants from thinking they can kill and run to its airports and disappear. Good work BTW.


Wapi link? Has he been extradited?

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Am watching now on Citizen, he is being held at Gigiri Police station awaiting extradition


Ghaseer irudishwe iwe funzo kwa wengine. Huyo jamaa hawezi hongana hapa kenya btw :green_emoji: USA has its hands in the cookie jar so hapa hata pesa hiwezi msaidia. His nuts have been snapped


It’s best practice for criminals to move to countries with no extradition treaty.

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Meanwhile in banana republic kenia Titimus barasa is still free and also yule jamaa Jirongo alisema alinyonga mtu kama kuku.


Mjinga alishikwa akikunywa pombe. Very foolish fella. Badala angeingia mushatha na akimie huko, he wanted to be a hero of murder

He must have replaced all his phone lines, but he forgot one thing, calling any two to three numbers which were on his old phone list will register his new line on FBI/NSA database. The guy could not have survived this onslaught whichever way he tried unless he went to live with pygmies


Pia ule Jamaa alipiga cousin ya @Ndindu Kofi akameza firibi still walking free.

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angeenda brazil mahali hakuna extradition

Shida ni pesa…how could he live in Brazil kama hana pesa. Si ati alikuwa ame plan the whole murder. Ni kama kitu alifanya last minute aka panic na kuingia kenya. The fool could have landed in kenya then sneak to UG and lay low for afew years hadi case isahaulike. Akiwa UG anaweza tumanga proxie amchukulie doh ya matumizi kwa trusted relatives and friends


All criminals belong in JAIL. But you wouldnt understand this coz your heroes are the criminals in power.

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Ghasiaa … tebu sema U.S Marshal. Hio ni kazi ya U.S Marshal not FBI. Ok

Kuna huyu Kenyan pia juzi alipatikana Connecticut akitafuta hitman aondoe bibi yake.

Ghasia kubwa, no need to split hairs over that, ok, US Justice Dept.

You get it. Being on the run is a very risky & expensive situation, even worse kama hukua umepanga ahead. He was going to have to come up for air at some point and from then on, it was just a matter of time.

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Imagine Kangethe had killed a woman in Kenya in some Airbnb. He would never see the inside of jail. One epididymis bahasha is still going strong many years after his victim died.