Kevin Kangethe... What would you have done differently?

Besides the obvious (don’t ruin your life over a bitch) and (if you’re ever dumped or rejected, walk away with no emotional reaction whatsoever).

Assuming the worst had already happened and the chic was dead, what would you have done upon landing in Kenya?

Personally I’d make sure to dissappear. No way I’d contact a family member via normal call. Investigative agencies, with the help of Safaricom, would quickly locate you. If you have to make a phone call, use whatsApp calls.

I’d also make sure to lay low. No way in hell would I go back to my old neighbourhood. Neighbours would be on the lookout. You’d have to hole up with a close friend. The kind of guy who’d have your back no matter what. Avoid family members. Especially family members with kids. They’d sell you out easily.

What you’d require is: money. Serious money. Enough to grease some palms incase you’re arrested.

Location: City. Definitely city. Avoid rural areas completely. In rural areas the arrival of a visitor is easily noticed.

You’d need to lay low the first couple weeks. And you cannot do it on your own. You’d require the assistance of a friend to rent a house and furnish it with basic provisions.

Ultimately what you’d need is: Money, and a Trusted friend, preferably one with a vehicle.

Unless he is hiding the stash under the mattress, he would still be traced when using ATMs or swipping his cards.
His goose was cooked the moment he committed the heinous murder.
Saa hii ni bibi ya Onyi pale Indastraria, before arushwe Yuess afungwe 100 years. It’s down hill all the way.


No, ultimately it’s upto the courts to decide whether he should be extradited.

Also, tulisema the blunder has already happened. Question is: What would a smart fugitive have done differently?

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Kama angekua na serious cash hii kesi haitamshtua unasort judge kama zile kesi za corruption unaachiliwa. But yeye ni meffi hii unawithdraw pesa cash unatupa simu unaingia suguta valley unamumunya soft meat borebore place kama gambia, liberia ama angepanda shuttle za kuenda down seut afrika


Ditch your passport. Withdraw all the money if you can. Travel to say busia, ensure you use these unregistered psvs, Noah to Kisumu. Then to busia. In busia get a way to cross over to Uganda unofficially. A change in appearance every time you move, might not be much but a hood in Nakuru, Godfather in Kisumu and a cap in busia, if you had long hair ensure you keep cutting in and making different styles. By the time unavuka Uganda probably bald. In Uganda, don’t stay in Kampala, go to a border town where you can lay low. Kisoro and Arua are a good bet. There is an influx of travellers so a new bald guy won’t rouse a lot of suspicion. Rent a bedsitter, if you must drink buy and drink in the house. Kaa hapo for two months, sell everything and move to a new town. Since you will have picked a few local Q’s by the third move you might pass for a local and can stay in one place for over six months. Stay for as much as 5 years before making the journey to anywhere near Kenya.


I have been preaching here for eons wanaume tuache hii umama ya kuoa and domesticating bitches lakini huwa humskii, sindio? Let the fool rot in prison, as a matter of fact, he deserves to be shot point-blank as soon as he lands in JFK airport. It is virtually impossible to run and hide when you have an Interpol red notice on your head, not unless you’re ready to give up everything you own, cease communicating with everyone you know and become a farmhand in Khisero earning 200/- a day working in the hot sun like @uwesmake and @Jimit. A spoilt nugu like Kang’ethe thought we’re still stuck in the 1900s just because he has spent a chunk of time in the States, amejua hajui. Surveillance is virtually everywhere nowadays, there’s no place to hide.


You really expect a man who was used to creature comforts in the US to go live in the middle of nowhere in Uganda where he doesn’t even know the local language? Once Interpol wants your head, they will get your head. Go ask Felician Kabuga, Fazul Mohammed et al. They will track you down, even if it takes years to get you. And btw, he complicated his case by escaping from a police station, now they will fast-track his extradition process so he doesn’t get another chance to execute a prison break. His goose is cooked, this best option was to lay low somewhere in the Kilifi, Lwambe valley or Turkana for a year surviving on menial jobs for a year or so until the heat dies down. Lakini fala anakuja kwa local yangu kubambua Henessey na JW black label ni kama ako vacation, jinga sana!


Ruining your whole life because of a basic Kikuyu is where he messed


The simp didn’t have any life worth living to begin with, he basically spent the last 5 years of his life sponsoring a kunguru go thru nursing school while shacking up with a co-worker. Mtu bure kabisa sana.


Washwash si umerudi na fujo?

And please respect Navy Seal @uwesmake.


First of all before kulambisha hio Malaya down ningekua na enough cash in dollars za aftermath, after kuland Kenya naweka simu yangu kwa gari ya garissa, as they track me to garrison nshavuka Tanzania without anyone knowledge sababu watazanzania no mafala hawafuatiliangi international news. I won’t call any family member to inform of my landing, eventually na sneak Congo na kudishi Congolese milayas


How long before your measly dollars run out while you’re virtually an illegal alien? And don’t forget you’re required to declare any amount above 10,000 USD before passing customs, that would have raised a ton of suspicion delaying your exit from the US. Best option would be to have 5000-9000 USD in cash, then buy crypto with rest. Convert that balance to KES polepole ukifika Nairobi, then go to Khisero and become a farmhand huko kama @jimit, @uwesmake na @arsenal.


Hii unatumia black market to get a new Kenyan identity card with different names then apply for passport. Make sure you alter your biometrics…then cross to a friendly country n establish your self. Even marry their daughter. Participate in community things uko to gain their trust…they will never snitch on you. After three years apply for citizenship ya uko using the fake identify documents. Golden rule stay out of trouble in your new found home


Enda ghetto kama una beshte huko ukae chini ya maji for a year and a half, all that while funding simple stuff like food and such for the both of you. Sahizo uko off internet and calls kabisa. Then make a solid plan to move to a neighboring country kama UG aroudn areas where drug users are common and no one really cares what anyone does there except how to get the next fix. Usually ghettos work easily. Chini ya waba for another couple years. Then come back into the country in some place like Busia or Malaba. By now you are an assumed Ugandan because you have mastered their mannerisms.
Anyways, ukiwa fala utashikwa tu and the main way ya kuhepa noma kama hizi huwa ni kuwa tu na pesa mingi kaa ghaseer.


Or better still he should have left the slut alone without choking it to death na Kam busia kukwachua kienyeji, all this Hustle because of a woman doesn’t make sense . Angekua shida yake ni kuibia American retirees billions hata JSKS anaweza mficha statehouse for 8 remaining years before atoke kwenda sugoi kumumunywa na oked


If this was a Jason Borne situation then I would have many ideas but the fcker is a murderer that needs to go to jail. That could have been my sister ,cousin or even daughter .


Huyo Fala angetoa pesa yote. Jifanye chokosh kuwa Una stay huko dandora dumpsite. Don’t contact family member. No phone no nothing.

It is easy to plan a perfect escape esp in crimes of passion.

Do you have a passport? Do you even know the process of getting one nowadas? You think you can alter your biometrics virahisi hivyo without greasing a number of palms which would obviously attract unwarranted attention? Remember this is a guy who has been in the US for over 20 years and knows virtually no-one influential here


Shida ya kuwa fugitive, you will always need assistance from someone you can trust, a friend, relative, lawyer etc na hapo ndio gamble iko, that “trusted friend” ndio ata snitch one way or another, to protect their own interests. Just avoid being a wanted man, uko f*cked either way.