Keti Kitako Ujue Umuhimu wa Tribal Politics

Now you understand why it makes perfect sense for politicians to have an ethnic enclave to run to.

Mike Sonko garnered 809,000 votes in 2013 becoming the third most voted for politician in Kenya after Uhuru and Raila, more votes than all the other presidential candidates. However, Sonko didn’t identify as a Kamba, seeing that he was the most voted for Kamba leader in the history of this country.

Had he have utilized the “mtu wetu” tactics, he would not have been arrested so shamelessly. First, bees and wasps from the Mua Hills squadron would have descended on those cops from thin air.

The chopper would have failed to take off because the witches of Kathiani led by Lt. Nzau wa Mutinda of the flying monkeys battalion would have turned the jet fuel into sugarless sorghum porridge.

This is where the tribal leaders get their arithmetic right. When Uhuru was taken to the Hague, all Kikuyus including Mwas the millennial DJ who has never been anywhere beyond TRM towards central Kenya faced Mount Kenya chanting “Thaai Thathaiya Ngai Thaai” cursing Ocampo and Bensouda, They are history now, aren’t they? Don’t mess with Kikuyu curses powered by Equity Bank and Optiven…

Raila literally committed treason by Jubilee standards but its Miguna who had his gonads squeezed as he was sedated like
a wild ape and placed on a flight while undocumented. Raila is a national leader with a tribal base. If government tried today what Moi did to him, all windows in all building and vehicles in Kenya including the presidential motorcade could have been pelted with perfectly round stones. The government realized it was too expensive to repair all those windows, so they preferred a cheaper solution; a handshake.

Similarly, the government would rather harass Ruto’s proxies than go to him directly because such an attempt on his person, and i kid you not, would see AMISOM and the AU in Kenya for peace keeping missions. It would be Palestine, the teeth version.

Whenever you see a politician running to his ethnic cocoon every-time he is in loggerheads with the law, refer to Sonko. Sonko’s 800k voters will heed their respective tribal lords before they fight for him. I saw luo’s from Nyalenda support Imran Okoth because Raila supported him, Luhyas from Kabras support Owalo because Mudavadi did and Kalenjins from Nandi Hills support Mariga just because Ruto did. And they insulted each other online from their villages upcountry in a contest about nairobians.

Ethnic mobilization will not end because of situations such as Sonko’s. Kamlesh Pattni became the only scape goat to suffer the Goldenberg case because he didn’t have a tribe to run to for cover.

Building Bridges you say? tell me another!

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the message is more important than the messenger, kyrgitt

Just acknowledge it. Give credit where is due, or why should you get credit on behave of someone else.

Am not looking for credit. He is not looking for credit. wacheni kufocus sana na messengers. pata message ndio muhimu.

Hio kipii imeiba

the only person who can’t be touched in this country is Raila…he has a fanatical following…and this is backed by facts,Not mere theories.
secondly, Raila and Uhuru have so much in common than you would ever imagine…the rest of us are just their followers. Again this is backed by facts…some still unfolding

Thirdly, Raila has enormous international support, crucial if you want to avoid bullying or even jail by a sitting dictator…Ruto is a pariah out there. apart from museveni no one else trusts him.
Raila has five bases, Busia, mombasa, kakamega, kisumu and Nairobi. These are very strategic and have the potential to ground the whole region’s transport and trade.
Ruto has eldoret and muranga…and for eldoret museveni would step in.
Tribe plays a role, but other factors and support of other tribes and regions are key

2022 the fate that befell Sonko, will befell Ruto to. Hizi court cases za akina Rotich , will touch on Ruto big time, that by 2022, the man will be dragged to Anti corruption offices in Handcuffs.

This is my thinking too. If these guys dont tame Ruto politically, he will be charged with corruption.

Also, considering the way they have been treating him and even going after his finances, it would be too dangerous for the kenyatta’s with their vast financial interest in the country, to allow him ascend to power.

Bookmark this post. Ruto cant be allowed to get the presidency. Not now

If this piece is originally yours, kudos!

I won’t be surprised, if by that time he is declared bankrupt.

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black people care about messengers more than the message. thts why they trust fake ideas from white people. just because i support Ruto you can’t trust me?

yep…I have pointed out severally…especially from alai and aguda. Any original content from him usually sounds shallow, easy to pick it out

I have never quoted Alai. Aguda simjui. Post kama nimecopy huwa naandika nimecopy kwa nani.

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@sani tuwekee tu bibliography! Just Cite the damn sources lol ni muhimu. This space is anonymous but there are intellectuals here and those small things matter…

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