keter has spoken the truth which we have tried to say all along

not at all, please take time to comprehend what I said.
***Tanzania has no SGR to compare with Kenya’s, why would any sane person drag them into an SGR conversation?

He’s a political pointman already

They are building one and their cost is much lower than Kenya so bado hio comparison is relevant. Every day we are sinking more and more into debts

Funny comments everywhere.looting iko for sure but mnadhani railas government ikiingia corruption itaisha.thats like replacing a hyena with another hyena achunge chakula…most of y’al just want your tribes to get represented acheni kutumia looting of gavas funds as an excuse they are all looters hamwezi discuss performance coz y’al wont have sh*t

Kwani Keter tena wamekosana na Ruto na alinyenyekea ili achaguliwe

Sometimes if the tyre in your car is all wobbly, you change it with another one- just to try.

Nyinyi wakikuyu mkiona mume lemewa ama serikali ine wafinya sana mna anza ku introduce the idea ya hao pia niwabaya! …

Dig up a thread huku. Tulichambua zote hata ya Morrocco the negativos wakakimya kiiiii

wengine bado wako in denial.

Wewe shinda yako si jubilee… Ni kikuyu and this is why I am gonna vote for uhuru Tena…you never voted for jubilee so vent your anger to your tingod

Sometimes unapatanga shida ata si gari ni abiria kulewa na kupayuka payuka

kulemewa aje na kufinywa wapi.unadhani coz you are in the presidents tribe huwa unasaidika anywhere si muweke raila tuone luo birrionaires wakiongezeka fact is this government even with its good track record imemess kiasi but the answer isnt Nasa thats like saying we dont have sugar now and honey isnt doing good as expected lets replace it with salt

What is the answer then?

What anger?

Good question ;none
good thing is nasa contenders have been in government so we know their track record kama hawangekua, wao wangekuwa mbele sana.but we have to admit through nasa critics alot has been achieved put them in power and they will relax dont expect uhuru to go round criticizing atafanya vile alifanya last time alishindwa atanyamaza and so will ruto and things wont get done na mwananchi i.e you n me tutaumia zaidi

hao nasa mnasema were in the govt laid the blueprint for the sgr
It was not this costly, uk and arap mashamba overpriced it for their own gain

i dont think just coz some people in the police force are corrupt doesnt mean boinette is guilty of such, siwatetei though but you should search for nigeria’s sgr specs and cost ndo utajua maana ya over price…btw ingekuwa nasa ingekuwa same story see i rather them coz ata kama wanakula you can see alot of things getting done

Hahaha…kaeni na huyo loser. Isn’t NASA just a collaboration of sore and perennial losers??

All I know is RWNEBP!!!

Hold your horses. You just never know.

I pray you dont eat these words when the day comes