keter has spoken the truth which we have tried to say all along

Niambie ni nini ana sema ya uwongo

Someone is busy fronting for buzeki na sijataja rwnbp 2022.

Not only that but pia ana ongea ukweli yenye sisi tukisema ina kaa uwongo

Weh, na hapa tukisema land is a big issue tunaambiwa tuko na chuki ndani ya roho. U-dumb-aki imefanya watu kuwa wajinga na vipofu.

Sycophancy is a problem, watu hawatambui ukweli


it is very stupid for Keter to talk about lost moneys in the building of the SGR yet he is an MP. What is his work in Parliament? The work of MPs is to put government business into scrutiny through the parliamentary commissions. and by the way, isn’t he the same Keter who went on a countrywide tour discrediting the SGR simply because the company he was a pointman for lost the SGR bid?

Kwanza atuambie alilipwa ngapi for the smear campaign against the SGR and CRBC.

Keter is a cunt.

Sometimes you have to be objective in your arguments, one of the many responsibilities of hin being a leader is to tell his ppl what is going on and that is exactly what he is doing there!!! He even went further and gave examples of Tanzania and Ethiopia!. Its evident that their was misappropriation of funds in building SGR no matter how much you dismiss it that is the painful truth

Why?, Because he’s one of your own and he’s discrediting your ruto?


Keter lost his credibility when he was caught at the weigh bridge pants down. He has no moral backbone and everything he said after that is just moot.


Joho, future president!!!

Sgr is a noble project, but the two incompitent boys mismanged it, looted it, wakaikojolea pia, what we now have is a white elephant project that’ll add zero value to our economy, that’s why we’ll show them the door in three months time!!

Niaje ms(f)upa?

[FONT=Courier New][SIZE=1]Sowing industrial grade titanium to maintain integrity of my behind[/SIZE][/FONT]

What about sudi, shollei and mandago,just followed all their speeches and they sound agitated in fact they invited Uhuru to go and air the unresolved grievances on the ground.

Hizi examples za TZ na Ethiopia zimepeanwa na watu wengi sana. including biased ecnomists like Ndii. If you want to get facts about the cost comparison from people who are unbiased please visit the kenyan forum on skyscrapercity.

Hao wasee walichambua hii project from the scope of works to the minutest of details which biased politicians won’t tell you. Politicians will just throw around big figures which are meant to excite the mostly ignorant populace.

When they talk of 327b being too much for a track length of 609km, they ignore the magnificent stations built, rolling stock, trainings conducted by CRBC of kenyans in China, Building a training institute here, skills transfer, assorted infrastructure and many other stuff Keter, Raila, Wetangula and Ndii won’t tell you about.

When u argue about the SGR and someone mentions Tanzania, please don’t engage the fool further.
the SGR was a “fucked if u do, fucked if u don’t” situation for Uhuruto. Most Negativos are in that situation because either they are corded and for them hating is factory set or they did not benefit as they envisioned; a la Keter.

So you think people who disagree with you are fools?