Kesho Boniface Mwangi Atafanya nini ?


Whatever he does, he got my support.




Huyu amepewa asylum majuuu. Nothing special.

Exile from what? Looks like he is joining Ruto.

Huyu ni gun for hire. After trump afunge mireji ya donor fund ako na machungu mingi.

Akule pesa ya kimwarer bila kutusumbua ghassia

  1. walimurecord juu ya lanye, wakataka kumublackmail akasema apewe copy ya video acheze kama yeye

  2. ako na video ya assassination plan

  3. atatoa farming tutorial akipanda bangi asylum pale netherlands

Hakuna mahali anaenda… He’s now selling land in the middle of nowhere


He lost donors. Most especially scaled back during Covid. And he doesn’t really have a job. He has one, choice maybe work with a NGO on Human rights. He looks like a person who would have a difficult time working with regular people in a office environment. Kind of a Miguna Miguna- going by his interactions on TV.
My guess is that he will exile to a first world nation. And his fight for rights will effectively end.


Boniface mwangi ni meffi in my eyes taktaka ya donkok

Spot on. I also think he’s planning to exit kenya. Covid has exposed everyone that’s been swimming naked.

maybe anauza aende akiendanga
akufie majuu 2087, hakuna kurudisha mwili kenya kuzikwa… ni kuchomwa na kusahau

Attention seeker.

kumbe ni leave alikuwa anaenda

Anajenga makao pale Lukenya. Haendi mahali

He says he has retired from public affairs. That shida zenu were making him go mad. Misumbue yeye tena na shida zenu, you let him enjoy his “retirement”.


He has said that before after failing to become the Starehe MP. Anyway most of these activists don’t really care about Kenyans, they only make noise to remain relevant as well as attracting and justifying funding from Western NGOs. Once that dries up they move onto other things.

Idiotic comment. Why should anybody care ‘about Kenyans’? Nyinyi ni watoto who cannot care for yourselves?