Keroche Mwosho Moja


Huyu mumama alisema hatawahi lipa Mutu, sio Serikali, sio wakili, sio suppliers, sio wafanyi kazi, sio creditors. Si hii kampuni will be auctioned off to oblivion. Ama anaona ataipeleka IPO? Shinda ya kufanya hivi is Keroche has to stand naked for scrutiny, and I can bet Keroche has been swimming naked. It’s outstanding liabilities wanaodaiwo, are more than the company worth.

Maybe a hostile takeover. IPO hupelekwa kampuni zenye prospect za faida, not those battered by kienyeji mismanagement.

Hostile take over na hio deni ya KRA? Worth more than its assets combined? Who will touch it?

A corporate vulture.

Even corporate raiders who want to strip your assets check who are your creditors first

This woman has just been fighting the inevitable.

She joined politics hoping that her problems will be solved. Let us see if UDA will sanitize her sins.


UDA will not give her money.