Keroche empire heiress was killed by broke ass Beach boy lover in Lamu:Money can't buy love ladies

Ladies, ladies, ladies mambo ni mawili. Relationshits with broke ass men don’t work and long distance relationshits do not work. A woman should never take herself to a man. Remember what happened to Syombua and her kids when she traveled to see Major Mugure. Even if he pays for your flight, it’s him to come to you. For all we know this man is married with kids and he had probably asked for a loan from the heiress. Let’s learn from the mistakes of others and stop being stupid and desperate to these men. Beach boy manenos. To make it worse jamaa ako 55 years old. A beach boy of 55.Aki women we need to stop being this desperate.


She maybe rich with all the money but a broke Beach Boy anampatia Rungu the whole night which the rich men with vitambis can’t.

Yenyewe mume rogwa sana. Ona nyumba ya beach boy.

No argument from me. If I was on death row na it wasn’t a sin. My last wish would be to have a banjuni beach boy to give me my final orgasms.

You are just a gold digger. You only believe in money. In your crazy world true love cannot exist between a rich person and a poor person cannot date. I defend the rights of other men to date women of any economic status. After all relationship is business between two people so leave them alone.

Rich men suffer from erectile dysfunction. Halafu hio kitambi inazuia myongolos kuingia vizuri kwa hio shimo. Beach boy on the other hand, anapiga tizi everyday hadi kiuno inakauka. Akiingiza rungu, dem ashindwa kupumua juu ya utamu. Madem wanapenda sex, wanajifanya tu.

huyo jamaa ni beach man 55 years
anakaa kama idris elba

senior manager of innovation and operations amewacha ksh 208 million 3 storey mansion akaenda lamu kuishi kwa chicken coop

alpha male at work banae. alikuwa in the process of convincing amaliziwe nyumba lamu

Shida ya kuwa rich woman ni marriage options zinapotea.

Hata kama this is now too much. Did she really expect kuolewa na huyu jamaa Mzee kuliko babake?

Inakuuma nini kama chuma ilikua inafika kwa Epiglottis alipewa,nani alikuambia walitaka kuoana? their priority ilikua tofauti not as per what you want

Chuma ya ndoshi

Inauma inauma Death by Doshi.