Keroche Breweries heiress Anerlisa Muigai Is A Real Shallow Brat.....

Keroche Breweries heiress Anerlisa Muigai has opened up on why she dumps most of the men she has dated.

According to her, an ex was planning to steal $30,000 which is equivalent to sh 3.5M but found out before he succeeded and dumped him.


“Having secretive calls and your partner not knowing what you are up to daily.
So, one day I was coming from work, I opened my apartment door and then I walked into a phone conversation
(in one of the rooms) that was about a plot on how the person I was dating at the time was going to con me.
The person he was talking to, was helping him with the “perfect” plan,( still to this day, I ask myself, how did this dude not hear me getting in )
It was too much I even started recording the whole conversation.”

She added;
“The amount they planned to take from me was $30,000 which they never succeed. And even if I hadn’t walked in on them,
they still wouldn’t have succeeded because anyone who has dated me knows that I don’t hand out money.”

Anerlisa added that her exes leave with nothing but always remember her for her genuine love and experience.

Note the underlined word. EXPERIENCE

So ditching a thieving boyfriend is being shallow? You are the shallow one here

A woman like her is destined to kiss frogs forever, unfortunately. She is a victim of her parent’s success. The type of men that she wants, will want her for the money. If she did not have the money, she would be a solid 5 in Roysambu happily married to Joe Schmo. Now she has money, and she wrongfully concludes that Ray Ray and Tyrone are genuinely interested :D:D. Spoiler alert…her money doesn’t make her sexier but it makes her a big target for cunning guys who wouldn’t return her calls if she wasn’t a billionaire’s daughter.

Lets be honest, why would any Tyrone look at her twice if not to fill that bag?? She is 33 and average at best.

she is the thief umbwa yeye si juzi her exboyfriend won a 4 million defamtion suit against her

In 8 years she will be 41. She should just get kids and forget about marriage

Waiting for you to decide what your stand is, bro…The road is full of dead squirrels that could not make up their minds… :D:D:D


wondering too. she shoulda waited to get robbed and receive our admiration

But she was married to Ben paul. she can do what she wants and needs no yearlong targets from any of you

She is not married to anyone. Actually they broke up with the TZ musician a few years ago. Get the facts right

but she was married if marriage is the endgame then she had it. she can get married or not . She can do whatever the hell she likes

I don’t care whether anyone is married or not. Success in life is not pegged on marital status. Neither is happiness.

yes marriage can remove than add to happiness for men and women

Can go either way depending on the partner’s behaviour and other dynamics in the relationship.

Mangele is scheming!

Wanaume munaumwaga sana na the thought ya kunguru regular kuwa na pesa

:D:D:D:D:D… MGTOW= FREEDOM…An average looking post wall chieth kunguru ghaseer shosho who has no redeemable qualities, looks,skills or own money can’t be chosen by alpha male s .
Daddies Money can’t buy you a high value man , this reality is hitting this rich kids hard,huyu atakua sponsor kama her sister and die a miserable bitter and old hag with nothing of substance .

@ChifuMbitika saa zingine una spewingi wisdom…I ni kali:cool:

That’s the bare truth bro. Whatever worked in 1963 can no longer be effective.

balderdash. wipe uaself and get back into your bed