Keroche Amekapitia Kweli


title to the book

ebu leta details ya hio kitabu

Alipe tax kwanza

This is true but it also applies the gas industry. There is a guy I kmow who was selected as a distributor for Sumeet bia. He deposited 300k and got supplies worth 600k. But there was a problem. The demand for the beer was too low. They struggled to push sales. They gave up but got their money back. Demand picked there after. They regret as another distributor was given the tender

What is the title of the book fool?

It’s common knowledge,diageo were the biggest buyers of Keroche summit beer, only for the company to lack empties since the bottles were crushed at central Glass baba ndogo…
Another stupid claim was that KBL had patented the tusker bottle… Long kneck, Euro etc