Kerio Valley Of Death.

[SIZE=6]Fresh Kerio Valley bandit attacks. [/SIZE]


Three more people were killed and two others injured Monday in gun fighting in the Kerio Valley as hundreds of livestock were driven away by suspected Pokot raiders.

In twin brazen daylight assaults in the mid-morning hours and another in the afternoon, the raiders engaged locals in a fierce exchange of fire that resulted in three deaths, raising the death toll to 20.

The battlefields today were Murkutwa, Kabetwo, Chesongo, Borowo and lower Sambirir in Marakwet East, where Pokot raiders crossed over and stole livestock.

One victim, 18-year-old Jirus Jonathan Naibei, was shot dead in Murkutwa, said Marakwet East Deputy County Commissioner Erick Mlevu.

According to Mr Mlevu, two Pokot cattle raiders were also shot dead in the same incident.

Two victims who sustained gunshot wounds were rushed to Iten County Referral Hospital for treatment.

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“Police officers intervened and managed to engage the Pokot attackers,” said Mr Mlevu.

The Elgeyo-Marakwet County police commander called on political leaders of the two warring communities to intervene.

Brave teachers in the area on Monday morning showed up at schools while armed with poisoned arrows to guard their students in the event the raiders struck again.

At Chesetan Primary School, a number of teachers were armed with weapons alongside teaching materials.

Although, Inspector-General of Police Joseph Boinnet visited Elgeyo-Marakwet on Sunday, he did not talk about the insecurity in the area.

Mr Boinnet presided over a ceremony to open a church building. When asked by the media about attacks in the Kerio Valley, he seemed to downplay the intensity of the clashes, saying he only knew of two deaths.

Residents seek refuge in rock caves as bandits roam valley of death

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Kenya’s wild west. Sasa utasikia oohh disarmament bla bla smh

Our peace loving brothers of Rift Valley. Vita kila siku. Arap Mwizi aambie watu wake watulie.

™Security starts with you™ hue hue hu hu…

Situation there is quite tense, with young pokots wrecking havoc to the marakwets. The practise of paying bride price using cattle by the pokots in baringo east has escalted this .furthermore the long dry spells in east pokot has depleted pastures there and pokots are pushing west of kerio river where marakwets inhabit for pastures. The daring pokots raid in broad daylight in full glare of ASTU and GSU officers.

Sounds like a failed state.

wth na kina @imei2012 na @Jazzman na @bjurmann wanafyeka nyasi hapa embakasi. hizo millitary camps zihamishwe huko pokot na north eastern na nothern kenya

Hata zikihamishwa huko, without approval of parliament, there is nothing boots can do. Hapo ni jurisdiction ya Abnormal Police @pamba . Hata ukiangalia zile helicopter ama equipment ya KDF inatumika huko, ni as aid to the other security organs.

sasa kina @pamba na G3 pekee (chopper waliangusha) watasaidia kweli?

You realize for kdf to be deployed within 254 borders requires parliamentary approval ask your mp what he/she is doing about it

Usione hawa watu hivi hivi, they’ve been undergoing metamorphosis into a proper gendarmerie

too bad my mp is busy campaining for a governers seat

you realize that cattle rustling metamorphosized from cultural angle (bride price) long time ago into a commercial entity. hio nyama unaenjoy from @Wakanyama bushery huko dagoretti corner unafikiria inatoka wapi? some of this things are sanctioned by even the local politicians and administration…ama umesahau just recently mps arming morans at night to go get cattle and in the day chairing “security and reconcilliation” meetings? think bro wale nahurumia ni innocent children caught in the crossfire but in the mean time am gonna sip my ice cold beer

enyewe these guys might be well trained/equiped but now disorganisation in leadership/corruption etc etc like the kapedo incident why would fresh graduates be sent to a volatile area while there are more experienced officers in the force and to make it worse they didnt even have any air support

what 254 need is digital tagging of cattle in rustling prone areas there is a country that has successfully implemented that if my memory serves me right its either uganda or zambia. this could be extended to elephants and rhinos to curb poaching but you know our priorities are all screwed up

There are rumours that a senator is facilitating his people, by buying bullets for them.

enyewe there was a documentary sometime back on how cattle rustling is a multimillion shillings business… kenya has really gone to the dogs

if even the ambitious setting up of cameras in nairobi highways hasnt helped reduce / solve crime, do you expect tagging of cattle to help?

Hawa pokot wanakuaga jeshi ingine. I witnessed in horror hawa jamaa wakinyang’anya askari ng’ombe. The police had to take cover. Mguu niponye. If they wanted to kill them, all the police at the scene would all have died. Luckily they were spared.

Na kanyama dry fry.