This is a bad town for any man within the punani appetite age group. I have done 3 straight nites pussyless. All you can come close to a puci is to watch extremely beautiful gals go around town non-challantly. My efforts yesterday took me to a kinyozi behind Bethany building where shampoo gals massage your head n thats all. Am very very extremely dissapointed with this town. Next time they send me for assignments this side i will take a sick-off

Your hunting skills must very poor. ama ni pesa hauna?

Game yako iko down…

Pesa iko bro. But i don’t spend my money on outright lanyes. Me i go for value added puci. Like massage n happy ending or a booze night ending with a “raid my cookie jar promise”

Beta male detected

are there nights you are pussyful?

your dick is small

What is the difference between outright lanyes and massage lanyes when at the end of the day you are paying for pussy?

wakale hawajui hii mambo.

Google the meaning of “value added”

A villager once said “dont waste your hard earned cash, you’ll need it one day”

value added
[li]2.[/li]the addition of features to a basic line or model for which the buyer is prepared to pay extra.

sometimes count your stars, when it rains it pours -kuhata coomer na una pesa- when it shines(blueballs) your money is saved.

uko na pesa as leverage and still pussyless…

Unatafuta kitu ya gorofa ama? What you are experiencing is referred to as “analysis paralysis”

:D:D That’s a new one. Your nuts must be exploding by now. Next time enda huko na kunguru

Kila MTU ana standards zake. Ata @MwiziBora najua ako na standard flani.

Nothing worse than a prostitute rejecting you and your money! Pole sana.

What happened to the receptionist who was calling to know kama uko comfortable?? Ulitupa mbao[emoji23][emoji23]

She went on off the following day came back today but says period started. Was willing but situations forced her not to. Was thinking of asking her for a bj kesho