Kericho Pedophile Patrick Ajunga Ayoyi attempts suicide in jail

The idiot has now been rushed to hospital after attempting to hang himself in his cell at the police station. He will be charged on Monday with defilement and incest charges. Bure sana.

Makena inakaa uko kwa ground kutuletea habari zinazochipuka. Kuna mbisha?

Your hate against men is well recorded .Tone down

We are tracking the wife and sister for comments. Even his boss has been informed. Sijui watu walitoa number wapi. Unfortunately watoto pia wako kwa hii mix. Their photos have been released on social media. Jameni. He is in very hot soup. Currently the wife who was out of town for Chama is rushing home as police comb their bed sitter which is now a scene of crime.

Can you shut up your mouth. Am I the one who told a grown man to defile a child and post it on social media. Atajua hajui. Badooo!!!

How old is the kid??

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Huyo jinga Ange washa nduthi na hio valon alitumia kama lube, ama akuje hapa ktalk aulizie base ya kuosha rungunyusaidie yeye.

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Duru za kuaminika zinatuelezea jamaa ni mshirika wa Friends church na ni muadhirika wa Ukimwi. He has been counseling positive people in church. Anyone who has been involved with him ajisalimishe hospital for PEP or ARV medications. Contact Ken Okocha for more information. He knows the guy personally from church.

He should be kept on suicide watch. Asijaribu.

The girl is 15 as per birth cert circulating and she may have gotten infected since he had anal and normal sex with her on video with no condom. This case is bad kabisa.

Kabisa on all counts. Infecting someone knowingly is now an offence in most countries. Asijaribu kujitoa…lazima tufike mwisho wa hii safari na yeye.

Man hater.

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