Kericho man caught pants down on top of a calf

An alarmed Langat who thought a predator had attacked her livestock leapt from her bed, opened her door and stealthily tiptoed towards her cattle boma. Suddenly, she saw a dark silhouette of a man…[B].READ ON[/B]

@PHARMACY ndio akona hii tabia, but since it happened in kericho i will say it is either @LeVoyeur or @uwesmake

Nigga looks happy

Hio ni mbaruya :D:D:D:D sisi wakamba hudeenyer mama safi[ATTACH=full]402334[/ATTACH]

Hapa swaafffiii

@Tarantinoh @Kalenjin101 wacheni kutomba ngombe

Another suffering MGTOW trying to find out what pussy used to feel like after his gey sojourns…:D:D:D:D


Hiyo sura ni ya mluhya banae

Mbwa ghasia!!