Kericho governor breathing fire

He want tea picking machines abolished from James Finlay tea estate.
He is also accusing Former president of attempting to acquire the estate.
Pia anasema the late queen never compensated a certain Kalenjin tribe that was tortured during the majenetii times.
Ako na mauchungu kweli.

Wakisema state capture hawakuwa wamekosea. Hii family hukuwa kwa kila industry hii Kenya. Something must be done about it.

Kenya is a capitalist country and anyone is free to buy whatever they wish. Your money your choice.

The Ichaweri vampires wanted to take over those tea estate after the expiry of the 1920s leaseholds. Just the same way his father and several cronies took over some parts of the Kalenjinlands. The God of the Kalenjins couldn’t allow history to repeat itself.

I hope basi hamtalia when the lion of Sugoi buys SIZE=2[/SIZE] the Del Monte land, Delamare land, tea farms in Limuru among others. It will be having a taste of your own medicine.

My personal friend, Dr. Mutai

That’s is what we call Mongoloid thinking…Zimbabwe will look better than us if this happens .

We are on the Zimbabwe fast track route. He is being reckless and being populist . They will give back the land but trust me they will pay for it . He should negotiate with Finlay since they are understating revenues . Also I can bet you that returned lands will be illegally allocated and will underutilized.

We know you have low self-esteem and low IQ, but stop showcasing. You worship the whites so much that you’re willing to bend and kiss their ass.

The lion of Sugoi has thousands of acres of plantations in Congo. Kalenjin billionaires like David Langat has thousands of Tobacco and Tea plantations in Tanzania and Malawi. Chepkwony, the Kalenjin billionaire, manages successful tea plantations. What makes you think they can’t manage the small tea farms of Kericho?

Peasant mentality…why mention other mens properties …there is too much talk in Kenya Kwisha and at the end of the day they will be begging thee same wazungus. Hustlers are retarded as they absorb the populist themes but not looking at the reality.

He should even consolidate Kenya and have one title deed under his name .

This is my type of nigger.

Fvck England and fvck the Queen and his son the King

I just wish we had the same kind of guys in the Kikuyu land.Some who can say it without fear like that Kericho governor.
Hapa Mushroom kuna shamba owned by a jungu na vile ni kubwa…the guy sold part of it which is now call the Mushroom,na ninajua zingine mob kule Nyandarua which do not even bring revenue…

Akichukua ni sawa but you will find atasaidiwa na watu wa huko kuinyakua kama the likes of Waititu.
I don’t think Konyagi would have gotten help to acquire the land by people from Kericho.
In Central it would be the other way round.
Fisi hapa central Kenya na kula hadi wanawe

we are living in the era of the strong and the weak, whoever has money reigns supreme like a king.

Haiyaaa you didn’t get the memo? Del Monte land has been sold off to Kikuyus. The process has been going on chini ya maji for the last one year. It was a tell a friend to tell a friend agenda amongst the Kikuyus. Actually this is one of the few projects niliona Uhuru amefavor his kinsmen before he left the presidency because its been really hard for a non kikuyu to purchase that land…they’ll tell you plainly that hizo shares hazijaanza kuuzwa not unless you buy/bought through proxy plus the odds of you hearing about it was almost next to zero. So hiyo maneno ya Del monte msahau kabisaaaa since Kikuyus were given first priority.

Kalejinga looting gene was in display during the dismal reign of Moi. The lethal gene is now making a comeback in Ruto’s reign. The cabinet is filled with hoes, thieves, looters, liars and murderers. These are the type of people valued by Kipmeno leaders.

Ii shamba si akina Konyagi walishapita nayo ama kuna Delamere ingine

Kenya is a capitalist country and anyone is free to buy whatever they wish. Your money your choice.

Arror will revisit it when the time comes.