Kepa Arizabalaga

80 mil for Kepa in the summer was a panic move. The man is not Manuel Neuer. Ability wise ako level ya Bert Leno (35 mil)

Having said that for a player

  1. to refuse to come off. REFEREE na LUIZ insisted akalenga

  2. Miss a simple aguero penalty

  3. Celebrate like a madman after saving Leroy sane pen. Game haijaisha

  4. Wink to the camera after full time

  5. Not yet apologize

BOY IS ASKING FOR TROUBLE… Kesho midday najua kutKua fireworks story ya huyu boy

It was a big misunderstanding between Kepa and Sarri

Hawajaamuka kwana mpaka clip tuliona.

Are you joking? stop finding excuses for indiscipline.
Chelsea has had a series of misfortunes from the disaster called Bakayoko, to the two cows called strikers morata and giroud that can’t even be found to strike if their lives depended on it to now goalkeepers who feel themselves too sukari to obey their manager. the squad needs an overhaul and a re-education why they should be a team.

Why now,why are you rehashing this?

This guy ali haribu kabisa on the bench Chelsea has one of the best penalty saving keeper who is a former city player. Probability of Caballaro saving 2 or 3 penalties was very high since he knows wakina Aguero.

Caballero angeleta iyo kikombe Chelsea since he was a former City player and he knows City players inside out. Hii story ya misunderstanding ni upus. Never disobey your manager. Ingekuwa Mourinho, Zidane ama Ferguson huyo msee angeozea kwa bench mbaya sana

This guy atazeekea bench. Hiyo upus Siwezi tambua

The manager has failed to create a team spirit and earn respect from players. What the heo! Mimi hapa ni ton niliwaambia mzito Pep wa Guandaro anachunisha watu lettuce left right cender. Quadruple coming to a theatre near you.

Seems players are sabotaging him the same style as Mourniho

wacha maringo.

Player power seems to be found in chelshit dressing room DNA because they always seem to turn against their coaches (mourinho,Di Matteo,Conte,Scolari etc etc).Mind you the players have changed drastically over the years so overhauling the squad won’t help much unless there is a change in attitude and it should start from the owner for once backing his manager and standing up against the players!

Tamasha itakua hapo Big Club kwa kijiji ya akina Rigathi. Ye are invited.

kepa was right nugus

This matapaka should be relegated to the reserves until his contract runs out ili iwe funzo kwa wengine

This was too humiliating to Sarri…hii kijana no kama 71m worth of contract imemmeesha pembe, too bad he’s better than no.2 otherwise bench angekula

One of the biggest reasons Ferguson is one of the greatest managers in history was because no player was bigger than him. Beckham, Roy Kean, Ruud Van Nistelrooy wote waliuzwa venye walianza kuleta kichwa. Kwanza Beckham alichapwa na booti kwa dressing room.

No single Man United player was paid a higher salary than Ferguson. Ata time Rooney walimwongezea mshahara, ilibidi pia waongeze ya Ferguson alipwe doh mob kuliko Rooney.

Kepa jus gave sarri a scape goat,it wasn’t a tactical change but an injury one,when kepa refused to come out sarri made a gigantic fuse about it,wish he walked out straight to air italia,his goose is cooked

true ,where was the captain to try to persuade kepa to get out? or even big players like hazard or it was another day in chelsea dress room, the captain should have intervened.

Never seen a team defend a small cup like Chelsea did…cowards