Kenyattas Have Kenyans By The Nuts

Sio maziwa, sio Mshwari, Fuliza (CBA) and now SGR and Inland Container Depot.
When will we get free?

Are we not free?:smiley:

Who or what is stopping you from becoming a mbirrionea like them?

We will never get rid of them as long as BBI goes thru.

It’s a free market and there are many other competing products and services you can choose instead of complaining 24/7…

kenya is 6th in avocado exports, and the farms belong to kenyaras, so kenyaNs dont even get a dime of export revenues

Only in bonobos in Africa say it’s a free market when a whole president uses his position to amass wealth. Reason even God has no mercy on this continent…juu ametupea akili but can’t seem to use it.

AFRICANS are held behind by retrogressive cultures and 14th century reasoning. We are 6 centuries behind humans

they are slowly selling brookside to foreigners

And NMS being used to takeover public transport.

Kenyans don’t deserve any freedom. wale watu hujiita size 8 huko Facebook wamekamata mabibi zenu ile design museveni amekamata besigye, na bado mnataka freedom? bahati ndio role model wenu na mnataka mwizi wa sugoi aache kuwatumia vibaya? aje sasa na wakenya hawana akili

public transport needs taming because its run by cartels and gangs