Kenyatta road 39 million houses; Kenya maisha imepanda

It is the new muthaiga of thika rd. Target is those who want to live in a 5bdrm but dont want to pay 120m for 5bdrm in karen. Good to see that quality housing is extending beyond the traditional overpriced nairobi surburbs.

Fools and money launderers

Where else can you get a quality 5bdrm 300sqm house on 1/4 acre within 30km radius of CBD?

That place is in the middle of nowhere and it’s so far from CBD. Sasa someone will pay all that money and then deal with Thika road traffic jam daily?

Who said everyone works in the CBD and therefore must be stuck kwa hio jam? Sio kila mtu “businessman” nyamakima.

What is special about cbd?

Hapa ni mucheso ako nayo,300 Sqm @40,000 per metre SQ,a quarter acre 5 M na profits ya 5 million , maximum is 20 million shillings.

So you use the CBD as a reference in your earlier comment then have an issue with anyone else using the same as a reference? Nani alikuroga? Fanya brokerage pole pole.

LOL. Si wewe ndo umekuwa ukiongelelea 30km radius from CBD? Tena unaanza kuruka argument yako. You are really bad at sales and marketing.

very poor finishes

30km radius reference is to show that the house is not in some far off rural area, it means that the house is within the nairobi metropolis. And yes not everyone works in the CBD, there are people working at JKIA, Industrial area, UN, Tatu city, brookside, peponi school, KU, JKUAT, Bidco etc who live on thika road and so never experience thika rd jam.

1/4 acre should be 100ft by 100ft.

Break down:

  1. Building cost for 300sqm x 40,000 = 12,000,000
  2. Interest on 12m loan at 18% 5yrs repayment period = 5m
  3. land = 5m
  4. Developing company administrative expenses for 5yrs (200k per month x 60 months) = 12m
  5. Profit = 5m
    Total = 39m

Minimum price of the house should be 39m.

why should administrative cost be 200k/month, kwani hiyo kampuni imejenga nyumba moja? Are the expenses being paid for by one buyer?

In my view:

Building cost = 7m ( because of cabro)

Land = 4m

Profit =4m

Total = 15m

why so much cabro?

You got jokes my guy,hii nyumba haiwezi uzwa more than 20 million , kahawa sukari,those have better deals

Na pesa ya 100 * 100 hapo Kenyatta rd ni how much

People with stolen money rarely buy houses or land. They prefer to buy cars and expensive clothes. I have a friend who deposits more than 15M monthly. Hana mashamba akona magari za nguvu na warembo.¼-residential-plots-for-sale-kenyatta-road/

3 to say 5kms off thika road utapata na btwn 5mil to 5.5 mil. The further unaingia being inashuka.