Hehehe shit happens . … Kwanza ni brains


@bure kabisa

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the biggest referral hospital in East and Central Africa.

Kwani ni victim :confused::confused::eek:

just sad! nimeona pia Nairobi women’s hospital wameua mtoto wakimfanyia tonsilectomy(sp)

So sad, but trust the docs to protect their own even where liability can clearly be traced to carelessness.

What do we have for a country? Damn!

Kumbe it’s that risky

Surgeon: David, I will be performing the surgery on your head,
Patient: Huh, I’m Richard, not David, and my head is fine, I have an issue with my my big toe.
Surgeon: (Looks at the theatre nurse and anesthesiologist gives them the nod to put the guy to sleep.) David, we have to move with speed as I’m seeing your head condition is deteriorating hence making you confused

Sad, I know of guys who have come from Rwanda and Congo to the premier referral hospital in the region, and if this is the best, I wonder what they have in their countries.

This I’ve seen in my profession, contractor aliwekewa blame haikuwa yake na the arbiter, akalipa costs while cursing both engineers (the arbiter and consultant)

They also “killed” a pal’s wife after she went to deliver.

They knew their guilt so they waived all hospital fees, lab fees… Kila kitu! The time for autopsy, my buddy hired an independent pathologist. He says the way the pathologists greeted each other, he knew he was not going to get justice.

The report came out and absolved the hosi and docs of any blame.

Kid is now 9 months old.

asijali, hao malipo ni papa hapa! hakuna mtu ataenda na deni ya wenyewe.

Hi hospitali vile ilinionesha kwanza ya Rongai.My wife delivered huko and they almost killed her.


kwani hawa watu. si mi hudhnani before such a surgery there is a lead doctor or two of them who are familiar with the patient?

KNH full statement on the brain surgery carried out on the wrong patient

Accidents happen everywhere, but they need to straighten there way of doing things. That know it all attitude is long gone, listen to the patient and talk to relatives. Let them understand what you they are doing. Pilots used to behave this way till experts discovered some accidents can be avoided if passengers are engaged and listened. Like that case where one plane engine got damaged only for the pilot to shut down the right one because he could not see.

Pole sana. this also happened to a niece of mine, they broke her arm during delivery. the nurse pulled her arm it broke. they also waive all fees and subsequent physiotherapy. my cousin was to angry to sue.

thought so too. and surgery prep, where they prepare you 12-24 hours nil by mouth procedures. how did this happen?

This one the family should sue and sue for all that cursed hospital is worth.