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No one saw this coming, everyone assumed, the chap comes from a rich family so he has no need to steal.
Shock on us!
The struggle continues as different dynamics of the whole situation come to light.
I pity the die hard tribal fanatics who don’t see past tribal lines…
The day people will get focused, and steer away from petty distractions, then the country can prosper…

@1776 ndio hii version ingine.

Not everyone assumed that.

Not everyone.

Infact, so many ktalk hours were spent trying to educate people to no avail …through the hard way we learnt that you can only impart knowledge to a brain that is in the head …when that brain is moved to the butt, nothing can be achieved

Nothing, not even through the hard way

A hard lesson i tell you. We are still learning.

Is tax exemption catered for within the Kenyan laws ? if Tabitha, Humphrey and others had previously applied to be tax exempted , and were denied against the law, then we can point a finger at the authorities.
You don’t simply evade paying taxes, then , once caught you start jumping around like a traditional medicine man, claiming all manner of things.


Omusungu would impart knowledge by caning where the brains were hidden, the buttocks.

Moi and Odinga descendants too.

I thought you can only buy shares of listed companies through the bourse. But at ktalk anything can happen .

Never heard of proxies?

Floating fake theories dilute impact of the message you wanted to pass

Leta wimbo ya tano tena


-Kenyarras are killing competition…
-competition has been evading tax…
-kenyarras have been exempted from paying tax in their various business…

and all manners of allegations are made ! No worder it just a village !

whatever the case, this presidency was an empire-building exercise. we are the pawns. this is state capture.

Na bado people are saying ruto

You proved me wrong. I used to say hii A- ulinunua lakini the way ume reason hapa. It showed ulitolea jasho.

Anyone with mental challenges are wired differently

By different, I mean unique

And by unique, I mean a masterpiece

Never heard of private transfers of shares?