Kenyatta family set to buy NATION MEDIA GROUP

The latest development has it that Kenyattas family is set to buy Aga Khan’s 44.7% shares at Nation Media Group. It will put the family in pole position to overtake former President Moi’s family, which owns Standard Group. This again explains why Linus Kaikai was fired by Aga Khan.

the latest development in the rumor?

I read this thing somewhere else. @uwesmake confirm, I have noticed wewe huwa na Intel kiasi.


Was he fired or went out in his own volition.

“fired” is more exciting for the rumour mill. Your request for clarity is ill advised.

Again around the same reasons why Ndii’s saturday column has been terminated maybe?

Also seen an article from the same newspaper claiming Kaikai was fired by Mshindi but it’s been pulled down some minutes ago.

Reports says that Linus has quit

Then someone says that unye has good intentions for Kenya its the people around Him who are bad.

One family controls a countrys Milk business, power business , media businesses, executive and legislature and to you that doesn’t sound dictorial.

You are fired and a farewell ceremony is held what an irony

They want to venture in beef industry?

Ndii in politics is idiotic.

To whom who has, more shall be given, but for the one with little, more shall be taken.

Hii mambo ya legacy tunaambiwa ni kufunikwa macho as the vaults are cleaned out.

Hizi story wasapere wa hii mtaa wakikuona nazo utakua unaitisha vita ya ajabu

Kampuni nyingi wadosi wanapewangwa options resign or we will fire you…most choose the former watoke na karecommendation kazuri wasiharibiwe cv

Utaambiwa ni wivu unakusumbua.

cc @gashwin

Utaambiwa stick to your lane, na bundles za okoa jahazi.


Hehehe, if they have the cash then why not. Ata wewe umenunua subaru na umeweka tint hadi aerial, nani ameuliza wewe?