Kenyatalkers, be careful, We Are Being Monitored

… by three wicked undercover agents who have managed to infilitrate kenyatalk and hack peoples accounts. we have to take steps to block them from more hacking!

DONT WORRY. i will tell you the spies and their suspiciuous jobs!

CIA goon Pius Wanjiru @Sidindi Bey = in charge of hacking kenyatalk accounts and slowing them down making it impossible to do simple things like even signing in and viewing threads. He does this using advanced USA predator drones.

MI6 goon George Lincoln @TrumanCapote = in charge of bribing admins and moderators. she tried offering a bribe of 10 million euros to keep the admin from fixing my account. The money is received from the secret branch.

KGB goon Erikanah Francis @Ndindu = in charge of intercepting phone calls and hacking webcams. This one uses soviet nuclear technology for his hacking job.

Be very careful with this three undercover agents.


it started immeadiately i started mentioning spies in kenyatalk. The undercover agents used nuclear satellite technology to slow down my account.

for example i can’t even reply to comments like normal. I MUST try until seven times due to error messages. Everything is extremely slow. am aware its only my account. Even changing phones and using desktops at the cyber cafe has not worked.

@administrator please fix this quickly! There is some improvement, but still very slow…

Who cares … acha wanicome Kapedo. Lately I have been in the mood for a firefight anyway.

Detroit alumni how many handles do you possess

@Ndindu is an electrian trained at Kabete Polytechnic where is nickname was Bonobo for his low uptake of simple electrical concepts. His only association with Soviet Union is when he was spotted near their embassy eons ago and was mercilessly interrogated by Moi’s special branch


NIS Majizee Arap Kaswende finya hii mutu makende. Hapana hurumia.

@kanguthu is in charge of converting talkers into filthy LGBT animals.
@kanguthu has sold his anus to Arabs and retired home to blacks and still he is poor and infected with anal warts

Brary nugu.

This village has been infested by a nasty troll named [COLOR=rgb(41, 105, 176)]@buttco. [COLOR=rgb(0, 0, 0)]His aliases can fill an entire DVD. Kazi kujaza server na meffi

He is a filthy bastard that @kanguthu . He was a catamite held hostage in Arabia for 20 years.

Francis wewe ni njaruo ama paruyia? Or both?


@Ndindu alipigwa shock ya kimataifa ikaua makende yake moja, akaogopa kazi ya stima.

Hajawahi rudi. Na bado hajatosheka kuzaa.

Chokosh wars


Why are you worried with mfs who only IT they know is logging in to

So unaitwa wanjiru ama njeri? na nilikuambia Sidindi chieth hii tabia ya kunusa josto ya Obama ni ya vijana ya Singomatha husikii

@njaruo kypii tahiri kwanza kabla uanze kuniongelesha.

I cannot be addressed by an uncircumcised Jaduong, who is hurling stinky smegma allover the thread.

Bleeding putrid smegma allover the forum.

True bukusu here bro. Circumcised very early in the morning. Najua kijana ya singo matha ulipelekwa PCEA utahiriwe juu mzae hakua. Ukweli uongo?