Kenyatalk vs Somalispot

Yout views?

Not interested wacha wakae huko those people are one of the most hateful online community ive ever seen and ive been in white supremacist message boards on reddit. They are so full of vitrol for their fellow human beings its disgusting and very unhealthy… Tukae tu na @Bingwa Scrotum kama ambassador wetu huko at least he has a sense of humour hata kama he espouses the same “Somali/Arab inferiority complex” ideology. Sande


ends ujaribu kupost hizo view zako huko,huwa mnasema deorro ni dictator mnakosea,nilikuwa member huko nikajaribu kupost map ya Kenya Somali ikiwa part of Kenya nilibaniwa hapo kwa hapo, huwa nafikiria ni hii akshaitan chieth bingwa makende iliniseti


Io map nilikuona ukiitoa hapa

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Nywele makamasi zikae huko!


Iyo map alikuwa a troll watu wa somalichieth nayo but the scrotum snitched and native akapelekwa siberia


The two don’t compare at all.

Lol Bingwa ni Hawiye ama Majertaan ama wtf shiet…huko ukabila iko on another level. Heri hii yetu


At the risk of ruining the parade, somalispot is like the little breakaway forum child still finding its footing.

The real portal that commands respect hata from US state dept on instant translation is somalinet. That has some really deep info and wide topics from that entire horn region from SS, ET, Eritrea to Juba zone.

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Lol somnet is dead now. All the members are migrating to somalispot. But I must say there are a lot of trolls there. I remember one of them snitched on a female candidate who was running for a state representative for having two husbands and made a whole thread about it. It was even aired on fox news hahaha.

apan tambua insurgents

I think it was her political opponent. Kweli politics is a dirty game. Am suprised after he outted her, she is still in office!
She was dancing around saying she was technically not married to her public husband, but married to her brother who fled to UK and deleted all social media accounts. Never mind the fact that they are all ( her, both hubbies) on record living with each other at the same time!

These democrats are a joke. They make a whole lot of rules, but the catch is…the rules dont apply to them. Ujinga gani hii. Her feminists supported her and refused to even answer reporters. Obviously they havent learned a thing from crooked Clinton trust issues.