Kenyatalk Opinion Poll

One of them will win but he wont get 50%+1. A runoff appears to be inevitable. It is pointless to consider other candidates.

Baba tosha. Even though I make a lot of Njaruo jokes Raila is the better option. UDA is a safe haven for thieves from Ruto to Gachagua to Waiguru even alliances with people like Obado. If you think there is a lot of corruption now ngoja UDA iingie.


Hii sasa ni tricky sana, baba is senile and has been there tangu independence( he was a young man so that means he is old af) And there is nothing he can offer other than to show that a Odinga becamee president.

Anko on the other hand has nothing to offer as well, as he has been here for 10 years tayari. They are all both corrupt but ruto and his boss are next level. And kisha hii hustler shieett is obviously very hypocritical and contradicting.

Hii ni kali tho, I think it will be a peaceful election tho.

William Ruto

Venye lichoti atasema

Weka option ya tatu ikuwe … None of the above.

This is not a country for old men…ask anaa

You forget that not long ago it is RAO who said Waiguru and Obado ni safi kama pamba

I doubt there will be a runoff with Ruto being split in Central. FYI ktalk is 60% Gema. Your opinion polls will reflect accordingly.

Hio stat u pulled from where the sun never shines ama wapi? How would you know tribe ya anonymous forum? Kuna wale obvious…most not so

Liwe liwalo

Hii maneno itajileta wakishachagua running mates

Running mates will be gems both sides

Ruto Tosha ,let him lube Kenyans properly that sanity is restored parmanently.
Ankoo machooos will grab that contested marine territory with impunity and we will be great again.

Nugu takataka

Kenya iko screwed.

Jana katika ulevi sacco I convinced about 3 guys to vote for RAO.
Curious thing is that they were not going to vote for Jambasi sugu kutoka Sugoi either.

Kula kwa Ruto kura kwa jakom. This time kijana ya RAO anafinyia huyo mwizi.

Weka A ripe Avocado as a third option uone majority will vote for it.