Kenyatalk Going To Dogs (From newsmaker to Mharo)

First time to see Kenyatalk, it was the news in dailypost and other news blogs. Those days, Kenyatalk was a newsmaker where all blogs camped for news and gossip. Few years down the line, it has been reduced to Mharo news, clickbait and copying especially this forum.

Elders leading this battalion; @TrumanCapote @ChifuMbitika @nyundo wa komeo @Micymas @Stormtrooper98 @Mangele @dan1 @the butcher254 @Deepwater @Baby Panay

@admin @Mundu Mulosi Bs Ms Ma PhD and ScD @Electronics4u save this kijiji

[SIZE=3](nowadays its better to stay in shoshomedia than come to this kijiji because all in it is import from shosho)[/SIZE]

Give me 1 article I have ever copy-pasted ghaseer wewe! How many times do I even post articles here makende ya nyoka.

While at it also tell me when I clickbaited you coz in the last 2 months I’ve only posted 2 articles both of which have been done in the last 1 week.

it already went to the dogs… 99% insults… zero content

Lanye-eating beta males ndio wamemalisa hii forum. What do you think goes through someone’s mind when they open this forum and see men discussing how they shared a vagina?

Yesterday clickbait copy-paste from shosho media. Your mind and squirrel’s, same WhatsApp group

My goodness, sharing tweets is now copy-pasting? I literally shared the whole tweet including the name of the person who tweeted it but bado mimi ni copy-paster, sindio? Sawa sawa. Kama ni mimi ninaharibu KTalk then fine, I shall post nothing here anymore.


Bana ukweli Kijiji umekufa…Mimi nililetwa hapa juu kidinyi alikuwa anatrend fb,twitter,mpasho na tuko

Silly mongoose, my posts are never ghosted nor copy-pasted. Chieth!

Mbona ume post hii umeffi yako kwa sex n relationships. Weka huko kwa news n politics ghaseer


Retarded useless posts like this show the author is a disgruntled aged idiot romanticizing the past instead of posting what they consider relevant to keep readers interested. They should be dismissed as attention-seeking trash that they truly are…

hama hakuna mtu amekufungia hapa

I don’t copy paste stuff old geezer